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Watch out for zombie bloons! They can reanimate after being popped once. You'll need to pop them again to finish them off for good.
~ Cuber, BATTD (when player first encounters the Zombie Bloon)
For the Necromancer undead bloons, see Undead Bloon.

A Zombie Bloon is a type of bloon that was introduced in Bloons Adventure Time TD. When fully popped, this bloon leaves a gravestone on the point of the track where it is popped. In the next round a non-zombie version of the bloon popped will spawn from the gravestone, removing the gravestone it spawned from during the process. Up to Ceramic Bloon (plus Lead and Purple) can have the zombie property. Bloons of this type can also have Camo, Regrowth, Fortified, Ghost, and Shielded properties. The property can be removed by Dr Monkey, Hunson Abadeer, Silver Shurikens, Silver Tipped Stakes, and Booboo Sousa. Gravestones can be removed by Clarence.



These bloons are highly dangerous if you do not have precautions to be able to pop them, as they can revive from where they were popped, making them have practically double the amount of layers and being able to spawn further in the track on their second life.


  • Using stalling towers will help them revive earlier in the track, giving the opportunity for towers to attack it again and for longer, specially useful with the third tip.
  • Towers that leave something on the track that do damage, like Dirt Beer Guy can stockpile spikes on the track to prevent leaking caused by zombie bloons.
  • High/Global range towers can pop them from anywhere in the map, making them specially useful combined with the first tip.



  • The Zombie Bloon's spawning of graves can potentially ruin a strategy consisting mainly of a single line of defense, especially road-based defenses like the stockpiling of spiked plants set up by Dirt Beer Guy.
  • Popped zombie bloons reanimate group by group shortly after the round begins, rather than all at once.
  • Zombie bloons also appear on the last round of Hard (45) difficulty. They will not reanimate after being popped because they are spawned in the last round, and given there are no rounds after that, the zombie property in that round is useless (aside from contributing to additional lag).
  • Before version 1.0.4 Zombie bloons that split into multiple bloons would leave behind multiple gravestones of that bloon.
    • As of version 1.0.4 this was changed so that bloons that split only leave behind gravestones of the split bloons.