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Zebra Bloons can be very annoying without the right strategy, as they are immune to both bombs and freezing. Try not to have a strategy based entirely on Bomb Towers, Mortar Towers and Ice Towers unless you have Frag Bombs.




  • One set of Road Spikes with the Tack Awesomizer upgrade will pop the Zebra Bloon and only leave one Red Bloon behind, which will be easy to pop.
  • A Monkey Apprentice with the upgrade Lightning Bolt and Dragon's Breath can pop Zebra Bloons quickly.
  • Any powerful tower, like a Ray of Doom, can easily pop mass amounts of Zebra Bloons.
  • Bomb Towers can pop Zebra Bloons with Frag Bombs or Bloon Impact, Ice Towers can pop Zebra Bloons with Ice Shards, and Mortar Towers can pop Zebra Bloons with Burny Stuff.
  • A Bionic Boomer will do well against Zebras, but not spammed grouped zebras. That would require another/more than 2 more bionic boomers or the turbo charge ability.
  • A x/3 Monkey Village will allow Bomb Towers & Mortar Towers to pop Black & Zebra bloons, andIce Towers to pop Whites & Zebras. This can be exploited with a 3/x Ice Tower & 2/3 Monkey Village to create a trap for any non-blimp bloon, which will pop every bloon that it catches. This strategy relies on having no other towers popping anything in the Ice Tower's trap zone, as some of the bloons may escape if unfrozen. This trap is best placed at the end, with other things to take care of blimps beforehand..


  • Super Monkeys shoot very fast, and have powerful upgrades, so it will be easy for them to pop Zebra Bloons.