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Z Factor is the Beginner BTD5 track added on December 12, 2012. It is updated with another advanced track, The Eye.


A rocky environment. The Z Factor has a weaving Z-shaped path. There are 2 exits and 2 entrances. The two tracks constantly cross each other, creating many circles (pretty much why it is a factor). Each path goes wavy in a pattern of Z combining the another path. There is no water in this track. This track is good for Tack Shooters and Ice Towers, placed in each circle. Glaive Lords, while expensive, also do well here where their glaives orbit just outside the constant looping of the track. This was later changed in an update so bloons only come from 2 entrances at the top left section of the track making the track easier.


Name Awesome Points Image
Z Factor Bronze AwesomeIcon.png10 Zfactor Bronze-1-.png
Z Factor Silver AwesomeIcon.png25 Zfactor Silver-1-.png
Z Factor Gold AwesomeIcon.png50 Zfactor Gold-1-.png
Z Factor Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon.png20 Z Factor Co-Op.png


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $75
Completed $15

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token.png 1 Token.png 2 Token.png 3


  • The name Z Factor comes from the Z letter (because it is shaped like one) and the Factor comes from math (a factor is a parcel in a multiplication, that's why the track crosses itself).
    • The name could also come from X Factor.
  • This is the first beginner track in Bloons Tower Defense 5 that has 2 paths and the second beginner track overall to have two paths, the first being Trick or Treat, the third being Alpine Lake.
  • A Red Bloon takes approximately 56 seconds to leak.
  • Of all the Beginner tracks in Bloons Tower Defense 5, this track is the shortest time when bloons leak. This track may be considered the hardest of the Beginner tracks.
  • An Advanced Map called X Factor released in version 22.0 in BTD6, although being a totally different map, has some similarities with this one. The bloon pathes in that map is also formed in small circles where bloons go in a curved way.