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One ZOMG Bloon. Can you destroy it before it destroys you?
~ BMC Special Rules quote before attacking a ZZZZOMG Tile.
BMC Tile (28)

ZZZZOMG tile icon


ZZZZOMG mission being played

ZZZZOMG is a special mission in the Flash version of Bloons Monkey City which only appears in Bloon Dunes. There is only one round consisting of one Z.O.M.G. Players start with their original starting cash and get approximately $500 every five seconds. Upon completion, players are rewarded with the Cuddly Bear Special Item and 750 experience. This tile is nearly impossible without farming. This tile appears as a Z.O.M.G. bloon floating up and down, and when you roll your cursor it will tell you it is a special mission.

ZZZZOMG is one of the few special missions in BMC-Flash-exclusive missions that specifically ban certain tower types, the other being Sandstorm (banning Ice and Farms). ZZZZOMG special mission restricts Monkey Aces, likely to prevent overexploitation of the Ground Zero ability.




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  • The floating Z.O.M.G. on the picture is slightly smaller than a Z.O.M.G. on a Z.O.M.G. tile.
  • If the player presses the continue button, then the round will replay.
  • When this tile is captured, the floating Z.O.M.G. is still there despite the fact that it was destroyed.