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Yellow Stadium (BTDB1) is a basic league for players starting out or players who don't want to lose their medallions (by watching a video in exchange for Medallion Icon5). Like any arena, the winning player will get all the medallions spent by both players to get in.

Normally on the Yellow Stadium Club Arena the COBRA is restricted.

Player Rate[]

Yellow Stadium has a Player Rate of about 1,900 Players per hour.

Yellow Stadium Club has a Player Rate of about 1,000 Player per hour.


Occasionally, the Yellow Stadium may be replaced or be complemented with a similar Yellow Stadium variation. These include or have included:


  • Some rich/experienced players like going on Yellow Stadium so that they can get easy victories against new players, likely because they want to aim for the achievement Unspoppable.
  • For newer players, NEVER play Yellow Stadium, unless they are low on energy. Normal assualt mode gives Medallion Icon5 for a win, but unlike Yellow Stadium, the player can't ever lose medallions if they lose.