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Hurls magical bolts of energy at the Bloons. Can upgrade to a variety of powerful spells.
~ In-game Description

The Wizard Monkey is a Magic-class tower that will be released in the initial release of Bloons TD Battles 2. It is the Battles counterpart to its Bloons TD 6 counterpart (refer on this page).

Wizard Monkeys produce bolts every 1.1s (?) that pop up to 3 bloons each. It is slower than the Engineer Monkey but it can pop Frozen Bloons at the cost of not popping Purple Bloons, due to its Energy Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen) damage type. Many of the Wizard Monkey's upgrades either enhance its magical bolt or add additional powerful attacks.

The base price for Wizard Monkey is $250. It is unlocked by spending Monkey Money750, unlocking all upgrades up to Tier 4, plus another Monkey Money1,500 to unlock all its Tier 5 upgrades.


It appears much like its BTD6 counterpart, with several differences such as minor graphics differences.

Path 1 allows the monkey to attack anywhere in its range with Guided Magic, ignoring Line of Sight. Arcane Spike allows the Wizard Monkey to pop lead bloons, as well as increasing the DPS it does to MOAB-Class bloons, and as Archmage, it inherits the Dragon's Breath and Shimmer of the second and third paths respectively. It mainly specializes in DPS

Path 2 makes the Wizard Monkey wield fire-based attacks. However, Purple Bloons will pose a problem for it. Further down Path 2 will allow it to summon a phoenix that can also pop purple bloons at its 5th tier.

Path 3 centralizes the Wizard Monkey to focus more a support role with the Shimmer Upgrade that decamos bloons. It's Necromancer upgrade transforms the Shimmer into an effective cleanup tower and even more so with Prince of Darkness.

The Wizard Monkey is classed as a Magic Monkey.

Target Priorities[]

The base Wizard Monkey uses the standard target priorities: First, Last, Close, Strong. Many of the Wizard's alternate attacks have target priorities that are integrated into the Wizard's own target priorities.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Certain alternate attacks have a different set of target priorities:

  • Wall of Fire always sets on Close by default. Adding Guided Magic can adjust location of where the Wall of Fire spawns based on target priority if there is a bloon within range at the time of creating the attack.
  • Summon Phoenix's phoenix's flight path is always set on Centered Path, similar to the Centered Path upgrade for the Monkey Ace. It will continue to travel clockwise around the center of the map indefinitely until it disappears.
  • Wizard Lord Phoenix's transformation always has its flight path set on Centered Path. The WLP Phoenix will continue to travel clockwise around the center of the map indefinitely until it transforms back into a monkey. Wizard Lord Phoenix's permanent phoenix acts exactly the same as Summon Phoenix's phoenix but lasts indefinitely.
  • Undead Bloons spawn quite differently from other attacks. They will spawn from as back of the bloon tracks as possible, will be smartly be spawned on lanes where bloons are nearing the exit, and will attempt to only spawn on active lanes if applicable.


Path 1[]

Guided Magic
COST: $100
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Magic shots seek out the Bloons, even behind cover.
Effect: All magical bolts can ignore Line of Sight and can seek at bloons. Most other attacks also ignore Line of Sight and gain further projectile lifespan.
Arcane Blast
COST: $250
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Bigger more powerful magic blasts pop through 2 layers of bloon.
Effect: Main bolt now deals 2 damage.
Arcane Mastery
COST: $1,200
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Faster attacks with increased range, damage, and lead popping power.
Effect: Gains +20 range, 2x attack speed, +2 damage, +4 pierce, and Plasma damage type.
Arcane Spike
COST: $9,000
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Faster firing magic does huge damage to most Bloon types.
Effect: x2 attack speed and deals 8 damage per shot, 12 to Lead properties, and 18 versus MOAB-class.
COST: $32,000
UNLOCK: Monkey Money1,500 (T5 Wizard Unlocks)

Description: A true master of magical wizardry.
Effect: Even higher damage bolts deal 10 damage, 18 to Lead properties and 35 MOAB-class damage and attack twice as fast as Arcane Spike with even more pierce. Additionally gains enhanced Dragon's Breath and Shimmer attacks.

Path 2[]

COST: $300
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Every few seconds casts an explosive fireball spell.
Effect: Every 2.6s, produces a fireball that explodes on impact and deals 2 damage. Fireballs have the Explosion damage type, and thus can pop Purples in all conditions.
Wall of Fire
COST: $1,000
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Creates a super hot wall of fire across the track to roast the Bloons as they pass.
Effect: Creates a blaze of fire onto the closest region of bloon track. Bloons will be dealt damage as they pass by. Refreshment pierce of 15 per 0.15s tick, total pierce of 100 and will disappear if lost all pierce or hitting Purples.
Dragon's Breath
COST: $3,000
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Spews endless flames at nearby Bloons and enhances Fireball and Wall of Fire.
Effect: Rapidly spews flames at bloons, deals extra damage to Ceramics, and sets affected bloons on fire for more damage. Fireball deals much more damage and Wall of Fire is spawned faster.
Summon Phoenix
COST: $4,000
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Summon Phoenix ability: Powerful phoenix wreaks Bloon havoc for 20 seconds.
Effect: Ability generates a phoenix that rapidly spews flames that deal 6 damage each and pierce up to 8 bloons per flame.
Wizard Lord Phoenix
COST: $50,000
UNLOCK: Monkey Money1,500 (T5 Wizard Unlocks)

Description: Wizard Lord becomes a master of the flame, turning into a super powerful Lava Phoenix for a short time.
Effect: Enhances damage of all fire-related attacks, Dragon's Breath attack gains huge pierce, and phoenix is permanent. Ability now transforms the monkey into a super-phoenix that spews even stronger flames and regular volleys of powerful meteors.

Path 3[]

Intense Magic
COST: $300
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: More powerful magic shots move faster and can pop more Bloons.
Effect: Bolt gains +5 pierce and moves faster. Most fire-based attacks gain a certain amount of bonus pierce.
Monkey Sense
COST: $300
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Allows the Wizard to hit Camo Bloons.
Effect: Self-explanatory
COST: $1,600
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Gains a dark magic attack that periodically reveals location of all nearby Camo bloons permanently.
Effect: Gains a shimmer attack. Periodically produces dark waves of magic that permanently remove camo properties off bloons.
COST: $2,600
UNLOCK: Unlock Wizard Monkey

Description: Reanimate recently popped enemies as servants to destroy the Bloons.
Effect: Stores Undead Bloons into its personal graveyard every time any tower pops bloons within its range, and spawns them out to attack bloons. Undead Bloons pop any bloon type. Undead Bloons gain further pierce, damage, and attack speed as the graveyard count grows.
Prince of Darkness
COST: $24,000
UNLOCK: Monkey Money1,500 (T5 Wizard Unlocks)

Description: Reanimate even more powerful Bloon servants to obliterate the enemy and enhances all other Necromancers.
Effect: Expands its personal graveyard greatly, Undead Bloons last longer, and can now also summon Undead MOABs and Undead BFBs that deal even more damage and pop more bloons. Improves damage and lifespan of all Undead Bloons on screen including its own.

Total Costs[]

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 150 600 1,300 10,000 32,000
Cumulative Cost 550 1,150 2,450 12,450 44,450
Base Sell 105 420 910 7,000 22,400
Cumulative Sell 385 805 1,715 8,715 31,115
Path 2
Base Cost 300 900 3,000 4,000 54,000
Cumulative Cost 700 1,600 4,600 8,600 62,600
Base Sell 210 630 2,100 2,800 37,800
Cumulative Sell 490 1,120 3,220 6,020 43,820
Path 3
Base Cost 300 300 1,700 2,800 24,000
Cumulative Cost 700 1,000 2,700 5,500 29,500
Base Sell 210 210 1,190 1,960 16,800
Cumulative Sell 490 700 1,890 3,850 20,650



The Wizard Monkey tends to be a generalist with some limited support capabilities via its Shimmer decamo. [insert more info; try the Dart article for some formatting?


  • Early game: Not a optimal tower until rounds 5-6, none of the cheap upgrades are good to deal with spaced bloons and the tower usualy gets overrun, so you should consider using another tower to defend these rounds for example a tack-shooter (2-3-0).
  • Wall of Fire (WoF): The second upgrade in the Path 2 costing 900$ is very strong to deal with spaced and grouped bloons and it is a good option for the rounds(5-12) and can later be used as the crosspath for a Necromancer. Also there is the need to be carefull when purple bloons aproach the WoF since those can ends its duration earlier by puting it out.
  • Necromancer: The 0-2-4 wizard is great to defend until round 18, which then your oponent can send fortified MOABs and in most maps this upgrade wont be able to defend the fortified MOAB alone.
  • Prince of Darkness: This tier 5 upgrade is strong to deal with DDTs in round 26 since it can decamo them and deal great amounts of damage but usualy is not enough to deal with Fortified DDTs and it may need another tower to help.
  • ArchMage: The archmage is probably the more cost-effective tier 5 upgrade for the wizard since it does great damage to most bloons including the MOAB-class, allowing this tower to be usefull until round 32 which then it starts to fall-off and struggles to deal with BADs.

Further Strategies[]

This tower is popularly used in combination with Tack Shooter and the Banana Farm. This 3 tower combination makes it easy to defend early game and lacks damage late game. In the earlier rounds players tend to go for the 0-3-0 and crosspath to the 2-3-0 tack shooter in combination with a Hero it usualy defends all the way until zebra bloons. At this point players have the tendency to go for the 0-2-0 wizard to help out the tack shooter and follow it by going for the necromancer upgrade which serves as the decamo tower and also defendes. To deal with the MOAB class bloons 2-0-4 tack shooters are the usual go to. The 0-3-0 wizard or the 3-0-2 tack-shooter are good option to deal with ceramic bloons and serve as clean up for the insides of the MOAB-Class. (Prince of Darkness + 3-0-2 Wizard ) (Prince of Darkness + a few 2-0-4 Tack Shooters) should be enough to deal with DDTs in round 26 in most maps. The ArchMage is usualy the go to for BAD damage since it is superior to the 2-0-5 tack shooter in most scenarios.

Monkey Mastery[]

Monkey Mastery is unlocked once all of its upgrades are unlocked. Monkey Mastery gives customization which is purchased using XP and Monkey Money. Has a total of 9 customizations available.

Item Type Description Cost Notes
Placeholder other
Magic Portal
Placement Animation
Now you're thinking with portals. Monkey Money600
Tower XP75,000
Wizard spawns from a purple mystical portal. Lands on his feet.
Placeholder other
Not evil. Not evil at all. Monkey Money160
Tower XP20,000
Prince of Darkness evilly glances at the player and sequentially taps his fingertips twice, before opening his eyes closer for intimidation.
Placeholder other
Necromancer Hood
Bloon Decal
These bloons are even MORE evil! Monkey Money200
Tower XP30,000
Necromancer's skull icon is plonked on the "head" of the bloon.
Placeholder other
Sorcerer Casting
Trail Effect
Supremely powerful magic. Monkey Money300
Tower XP40,000
When summoning magic, the Wizard produces a yellow portal in front of his right hand, leaning perpendicularly with that hand.
Placeholder other
Orb of Ultimate Power
Avatar Icon
Always cast responsibly. Monkey Money300
Tower XP40,000
Wizard Monkey holding a bolt and feeling happy about its power.
Placeholder other
Conjure Doves
Idle Animation
A timeless classic. Monkey Money450
Tower XP60,000
Three doves comes out of Wizard's right hand as he releases them upwards.
Named Wizard Monkeys
Custom Names
Name your Wizard Monkeys! Monkey Money300
Tower XP40,000
Default name is Albus.
Placeholder other
Flutter Away
Sell Animation
Why walk when you can fly? Monkey Money240
Tower XP30,000
Becomes a dove and flies away.
Placeholder other
Idle Animation
Playing into the stereotypes. Monkey Money450
Tower XP60,000
Transforms Wizard into a frog with a wizard hat, and back to a Wizard.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Just like its Battles 1 counterpart, the Wizard is a tower used especially by players in lower trophy ranges. Similarly, he has received a large number of buffs in an attempt to make him stronger. However, just like its counterpart, he generally becomes more inferior the higher the arena you go due to having many weaknesses that can be exploited, with many people mentioning him was among the worst towers. Purple Bloons in particular have made it extremely hard to get past the midgame with just Wizard, and thus now requires heavy support to deal with this weakness (not helped by the fact that Purples are one of the most common bloons used in rushes).

In top levels of play, there is only one Wizard loadout that is used, which is extremely popular in all trophy ranges as well. This loadout is Tack-Farm-Wizard, which is well known for its intense, aggressive playstyle. In terms of Hero choice to pair up with, Ezili is most notable due to her Heartstopper ability now granting Wizards with the purple-popping power they need, at least occasionally. Wizard-Bomb-Farm is also somewhat used.

Initial release (compared to BTD6 Version 28.0)
  • NERF Wall of Fire contact damage cooldown increased (0.10s → 0.15s)
  • NERF Wall of Fire now has a 100 pierce limit alongside the refreshment pierce of 15 (or 20 with 0-2-1)
  • BUFF Fireball damage increased (1 → 3)
  • BUFF Fireball blast radius increased (10 → 20)
  • BUFF Fireball attack cooldown reduced (3 → 2.6)
  • BUFF Fireball can now pop Purple Bloons
  • BUFF Intense Magic pierce bonus increased (+4 → +5)
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix ability damage increased (4 → 5)
  • BUFF Wizard Lord Phoenix ability flame attack damage increased (20 → 30)
  • BUFF Arcane Blast price reduced ($600 → $350)
  • BUFF Shimmer decamo cooldown reduced (2 → 1.5)
  • BUFF Archmage MOAB damage increased (22 → 26)
  • BUFF Dragon's Breath fireball damage increased (3 → 9)
  • BUFF Arcane Spike price reduced ($10,900 → $10,000)
  • BUFF Arcane Spike base damage increased (5 → 8)
  • BUFF Arcane Spike MOAB damage increased (16 → 18)
  • BUFF Archmage MOAB damage increased (26 → 30)
  • BUFF Arcane Mastery price reduced ($1,300 → $1,200)
  • BUFF Arcane Mastery can now pop Lead Bloons
  • BUFF Arcane Spike price reduced ($10k → $9k)
  • BUFF Arcane Spike gains bonus Lead/DDT damage (+0 → +4)
  • BUFF Archmage gains bonus Lead/DDT damage (+0 → +8)
  • BUFF Shimmer price reduced ($1,700 → $1,500)
  • BUFF Archmage MOAB damage increased (30 → 35)
  • BUFF Summon Phoenix ability damage increased (5 → 6)
  • BUFF Wizard Lord Phoenix price reduced ($54k → $50k)
  • BUFF Monkey Sense now gives the new Camo Prioritization option
  • BUFF Wizard Lord Phoenix ability now gives 2x damage to all Phoenixes
  • Change 120 Wall of Fire no longer auto-targets, but instead gains a target marker
  • Change Necromancer now spawns Bloons like the Smart targeting on Spike Factory (targets the farthest spot back on active paths)
  • NERF Wizard Lord Phoenix no longer buffs itself on ability
  • BUFF 510 Archmage: fireball damage 3 -> 9
  • BUFF 5xx Archmage’s fireball, wall of fire, dragon’s breath and shimmer have their attack speed doubled.
  • BUFF 500 Dragon's Breath now does +2 damage to MOABs
  • BUFF 510 Fireball now does +9 damage to MOABs
  • BUFF 520 Wall of Fire now does +1 damage to MOABs
  • NERF Necromancer: Max graveyard capacity 500 -> 450 (xx5 capacity unchanged)
  • NERF Summon Phoenix: Phoenix Pierce 10 -> 8
Wizard has become one of the most used towers in all arenas, with its necromancer and phoenix attacks standing out as its strong points.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF 024 Necromancer: Wall of Fire no longer receives a damage buff from bloons in the graveyard.
On reflection, the previous nerf to Necromancer was not impactful enough, because the graveyard capacity mostly remains at/near full capacity, meaning that the nerf did not change too much. A lot of Necromancer’s strength also comes from the wall of fire, so we have decided to weaken that attack.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF xx4 Necromancer: Upgrading to 104 now allows manual targeting of the zombie bloon spawn point.
  • NERF x1x Fireball: damage 3->2 (x3x fireball damage unchanged)
Wizard remains a dominant force in all arenas with its fireball being one of its early-game strengths, so we are moving some of its damage from the tier 1 to the tier 3. Additionally, allowing manual targeting for zombie bloons was a popular change in BTD6 so we are implementing it here too, except with 1xx required for this targeting option. Both of these changes should make choosing between Necromancer’s crosspaths a more meaningful decision.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 110 Fireball: The fireball can now shoot through blockers with the Guided Magic crosspath.
Guided Magic allows other Wizard attacks to shoot through blockers so it should work for Fireball as well.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Base: $400 -> $300
  • BUFF 2xx Arcane Blast: $350 -> $250
  • BUFF 3xx Arcane Mastery: $1,200 -> $1,400
  • NERF x2x Wall of Fire: $900 -> $1,000
  • NERF xx3 Shimmer: $1,500 -> $1,600
Arcane Mastery seems to be in a decent spot, but it has poor stepping stones in the early game, so we have buffed the lower tiers leading up to it. Arcane Mastery, Wall of Fire, and Shimmer have all had their price increased so that they do not indirectly get buffed from the price cuts.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 1xx: seeking/turning rate 360 -> 600
  • BUFF 3xx Arcane Mastery: $1,400 -> $1,200
  • BUFF x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix: ability main projectile damage 30 -> 40
Wizard’s top path has high pierce but often struggles to make use of it all due to its slow turning speed, so that has been increased quite a bit. Alongside this, it has received a minor price cut so that it can perform better as a starting tower. Wizard Lord Phoenix’s damage has always felt a little bit underwhelming when faced with BAD’s, so we’ve upped its damage.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Base cost decreased from $300 to $250
  • BUFF Archmage pierce bonus increased from +4 to +6, base pierce of bolt increased from 11 to 13.
  • BUFF Wizard Lord Phoenix's Phoenix Lord main projectile damage increased from 40 to 55
Wizard deserved some attention after being out of the limelight for a while now. Note that we have also indirectly buffed Wizard with the Ezili change, and we fixed a bug which allowed x5x to be much stronger than intended.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Guided Magic: Seeking angle 270 -> 360 and turning rate 600 -> 720
  • BUFF Guided Magic: $150 -> $100
  • BUFF Necromancer: $2,800 -> $2,600
Wizard seems to be in a fairly decent spot in the meta, however we want to give it a little bump to encourage its usage. We’ve made a couple of small changes to Guided Magic so that it’s more dependable early on, as well as a small price buff to Necromancer for slightly cheaper purple popping power.
~ Ninja Kiwi

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]


Official artwork[]


  • When it got its base cost first decreased in Version 3.1, it became the fourth-cheapest base tower, third to Tack, Glue, and Dart. After getting price-buffed yet again in Version 3.3, it became the third-cheapest base tower, third to Dart and Glue.