Trained in the ancient arts of monkey wizardry. Learns new magic spells with every upgrade. This unit is flexible and will continue randomly using his old spells with his new ones.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description
Trained in the arts of monkey magic, the Monkey Apprentice weaves magical bolts that pop bloons. Each shot can pop 2 bloons. Can upgrade to cast additional spells.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description
Hurls magical bolts of energy at the Bloons. Can upgrade to a variety of powerful spells.
~ BTD6 description

Wizard Monkey is a tower in the BTD series, debuting in Bloons Tower Defense 4 under the name Monkey Apprentice, and continuing into Bloons TD 5. It launches a blue ball that can pop 2 bloons; it can be upgraded to add many other attacks. After its final upgrade has been purchased, it is known as a Monkey Wizard (BTD4) or a Master of Air/Master of Fire (BTD5 Flash only). In BTD6, the tower was renamed to Wizard Monkey.

Bloons Tower Defense 4[edit | edit source]

The Wizard Monkey made its debut in Bloons TD 4 as the Monkey Apprentice, offering four powerful upgrades, with its final 2 upgrades gaining the ability to blow back bloons while popping them with lightning-interlaced whirlwinds and tornadoes.

Easy Medium Hard
Tower Cost $470 $550 $595
Intense Magic $255 $300 $325
Fireball $255 $300 $325
Summon Whirlwind $1700 $2000 $2160
Tempest Tornado $6800 $8000 $8640
Total Sell Amount $9480 $11500 $12045
Total Cost $9480 $11500 $12045

Bloons Tower Defense 5[edit | edit source]

Monkey Apprentice 2.png

It launches a purple ball that can pop 2 bloons; it can be upgraded to add many other attacks. It is able to be upgraded to specialize in air or fire.

Path 1 Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Intense Magic
Shoots larger and more powerful magical bolts.

(Can hit 7 bloons)

$255 $300 $325 $360

Lightning Bolt
Unleashes the power of lightning to zap all bloons at once in a chain.

(Lightning can hit up to 25 bloons and Tempest Tornado does more frequently)

$1020 $1200 $1295 $1440

Summon Whirlwind
Whirlwind blows bloons off the path away from the exit. However, removes ice and glue from the bloons.

$1700 $2000 $2160 $2400

Tempest Tornado
The tempest blows more bloons faster, further, and more often. Also pops bloons once before blowing. However, removes ice and glue from the bloons. Around 70 pierce.

$6800 $8000 $8640 $9600
Total Sell Amount $8196 $9640 $10412 $11568 ($12144 with path 2 upgrades)
Total Cost $10245 $12050 $13015 $14460 ($15280 with path 2 upgrades)

Path 2 Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

The Apprentice adds a powerful fireball attack to its arsenal.

(The fireball pops 40 bloons in its radius)

$255 $300 $325 $360

Monkey Sense
Allows the Monkey Apprentice to target and pop camo bloons. Does not grant detection to other towers.

$255 $300 $325 $360

Dragon's Breath
Spews endless flames at nearby bloons.

$3570 $4200 $4535 $5040

Summon Phoenix
Summon Phoenix Ability: Creates a super powerful flying phoenix that flies around wreaking bloon havoc for 20 seconds.

$4250 $5000 $5400 $6000
Total Sell Amount $7040 $8280 $8944 $9936 ($11376 with path 1 upgrades)
Total Cost $8800 $10350 $11180 $12420 ($14220 with path 1 upgrades)

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[edit | edit source]

Buff.png Dragon's Breath has a faster attack speed (10 shots per second → 12).

Nerf.png If the Master of Fire is sold while the Summon Phoenix ability is active, the phoenix will disappear.

Change balloon.png Lightning Bolt no longer creates its lightning bolt sound.

Change balloon.png Activating Summon Phoenix Ability no longer creates a phoenix call.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[edit | edit source]

The Monkey Apprentice (also called the Wizard by some players) has been buffed via game updates, as a lot of its upgrades have been made cheaper, most notably the Dragon's Breath upgrade. The Monkey Apprentice is still considered quite a popular tower, having good all round popping power and providing cheap Camo Lead defence. Some popular load outs include Ninja Farm Apprentice, Boat Farm Apprentice, Heli Farm Apprentice, Apprentice Farm Chipper, Apprentice Farm Ice, and Engineer COBRA Apprentice.


Buff.png Tempest Tornado price decreased ($8000 → $4500).

Buff.png Dragon's Breath price decreased ($4200 → $3600).


Buff.png Dragon's Breath price decreased ($3600 → $3200).

Buff.png Summon Phoenix price decreased ($5000 → $4000).


Buff.png Intense Magic price decreased ($300 → $200).

Buff.png Fireball price decreased ($300 → $200).

Buff.png Monkey Sense price decreased ($300 → $250).

Buff.png Dragon's Breath price decreased ($3200 → $2600).

Buff.png Summon Phoenix now deals an extra +1 damage to MOAB-class bloons (effectively dealing double damage to them now).


Buff.png Fireball has a 20% larger explosion radius.

Bloons Tower Defense 6[edit | edit source]

Wizard Monkey has a moderate overhaul in Bloons TD 6, losing several key abilities that had been a staple for the tower in prior installments and instead replaced with some new attacks. Most lost spells from prior installments however are now found in the Druid Monkey instead. The Wizard Monkey also lost the power to pop Leads by default unless its Lead-popping upgrades, such as Fireball, are bought.

The Wizard Monkey can select two paths at a time, one that enhances their main energy bolt, a second that grants fire-based spells, and a third that focuses on spells geared towards debuffing Camo Bloons and necromancy.

The Wizard Monkey is classed as a Magic Monkey.

Path 1[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP Icon Artwork

Guided Magic
Magic shots seek out the Bloons, even behind cover.

$125 $150 $160 $180 110

Guided Magic Icon

Guided Magic Artwork

Arcane Blast
Bigger, more powerful magic blasts pop through 2 layers of Bloon.

$510 $600 $650 $720 600

Arcane Blast Icon

Arcane Blast Artwork

Arcane Mastery
Attacks 2X faster over 2X longer range and adds 4+ pierce.

$1,105 $1,300 $1,405 $1,560 2,300

Arcane Mastery Icon

Arcane Mastery Artwork

Arcane Spike
Magic does extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons and adds a 2X attack speed bonus

$9,265 $10,900 $11,770 $13,080 11,000

Arcane Spike Icon

Arcane Spike Artwork

A true master of magical wizardry. Gives the monkey Shimmer and Dragon's Breath. Also doubles magic bolt fire rate and increases its pierce and damage

$27,200 $32,000 $34,560 $38,400 35,000

Archmage Icon

Archmage Artwork

Total Sell Amount Tier 4: $7,987

Tier 5: $27,027

Tier 4: $9,380

Tier 5: $31,780

Tier 4: $10,129

Tier 5: $34,321

Tier 4: $11,256

Tier 5: $38,136

Total Cost

Tier 4: $11,410

Tier 5: $38,610

Tier 4: $13,400

Tier 5: $45,400

Tier 4: $14,470

Tier 5: $49,030

Tier 4: $16,080

Tier 5: $54,480


Path 2[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP Icon Artwork

Every few seconds casts an explosive fireball spell.

$255 $300 $325 $360 130

Fireball Artwork

Wall of Fire
Creates a super hot wall of fire across the track to roast the Bloons as they pass. able to obliterate up to rainbow bloons, but will get deleted if a Purple Bloon passes by.

$765 $900 $970 $1,080 700

Dragon's Breath
Spews endless flames at nearby Bloons.

$2,550 $3,000 $3,240 $3,600 2,600

Summon Phoenix
Summon Phoenix ability: Powerful phoenix wreaks Bloon havoc for 20 seconds.

$3,400 $4,000 $4,320 $4,800 13,000

Wizard Lord Phoenix
Wizard Lord becomes a master of the flame, turning into a super powerful Lava Phoenix for a short time.

(Normal Phoenix is now permanent and Super Phoenix does throw meteors, but sacrifices the WLP for a short time)

$51,000 $60,000 $64,800 $72,000 35,000

Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $5,208

Tier 5: $40,908

Tier 4: $6,125

Tier 5: $48,125

Tier 4: $6,715

Tier 5: $51,975

Tier 4: $7,350

Tier 5: $57,350

Total Cost

Tier 4: $7,440

Tier 5: $58,440

Tier 4: $8,750

Tier 5: $68,750

Tier 4: $9,450

Tier 5: $74,250

Tier 4: $10,500

Tier 5: $82,500


Path 3[edit | edit source]

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP Icon Artwork

Intense magic
More powerful magic shots move faster and can pop up to 7 Bloons.

$255 $300 $325 $360 140

Monkey Sense
Allows the Wizard to hit Camo Bloons.

$255 $300 $325 $360 500

Dark magic reveals location of all nearby Camo Bloons permanently.

$1,530 $1,800 $1,945 $2,160 2,200

Necromancer: Unpopped Army
Reanimate recently popped enemies as servants to destroy the Bloons. Each unpopped bloon rips up 2 layers per hit and can survive 2 bloons before dissapearing.

$2,975 $3,500 $3,780 $4,200 10,000

Prince of Darkness
Reanimate even more powerful bloon servants to obliterate the enemy and buffs other Necromancers.

(Grains more graveyard space from 500 to 3000 and can also summon Undead MOAB and Undead BFB

$20,400 $24,000 $25,920 $28,800 30,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $3,840

Tier 5: $18,120

Tier 4: $4,515

Tier 5: $21,315

Tier 4: $4,879

Tier 5: $23,023

Tier 4: $5,418

Tier 5: $25,578

Total Cost

Tier 4: $5,485

Tier 5: $25,885

Tier 4: $6,450

Tier 5: $30,450

Tier 4: $6,970

Tier 5: $32,890

Tier 4: $7,740

Tier 5: $36,540


Version History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]

Initial release
  • Nerf.png Lightning Bolt and Tornados are no longer available
  • Nerf.png Attacks can't damage Purples (at least in general)
  • Nerf.png Base attack can't damage Leads before significant upgrading
  • Change balloon.png Monkey Sense is on the same path as Intense Magic instead of Fireball
  • Change balloon.png Dragon's Breath and Summon Phoenix include Wall of Fire instead (was a Nerf.png to price at the time)
  • Buff.png 3xx Arcane Mastery now adds pierce
  • Buff.png 5xx Archmage now adds pierce
  • Buff.png x5x Phoenix projectile speed greatly increased, and shoots more large fireballs
  • Buff.png xx5 Soulbind upgrade has been re-designed into the Prince of Darkness
  • Buff.png 1xx Guided Magic will now allow the main attack to pass through obstacles
  • Buff.png x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix should no longer lock itself from being purchased again if sold under certain situations
  • Buff.png x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix will no longer crash the game if redeployed while the ability is active
  • Change balloon.png x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix's ability icon should no longer disappear until the ability wears off
  • Change balloon.png xx4+ Unpopped Army will now spawn zombie bloons correctly in all cases as long as it can reach the track
  • Buff.png 120 Guided Magic will now allow the Wall of Fire to ignore walls
  • Buff.png x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix pierce increased to 50 on main tower dragon's breath & main Phoenix fire breath attacks
  • Buff.png 000 Wizard Monkey price reduced from $550 -> $450
  • Buff.png x3x Dragon's Breath price reduced from $3600 -> $3000
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix price reduced from $5000 -> $4000
  • Buff.png x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix price reduced from $80,000 -> $60,000
  • Buff.png x2x Wall of Fire price reduced $1300 -> $900
  • Buff.png x3x Dragon's Breath Wall of Fire fire rate increase 5.5s -> 4.5s
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix damage increased 1 -> 2
  • Buff.png x3x Dragon's Breath now applies a burn Damage Over Time equal to Mortar's Burny Stuff to any Bloon it touches.
  • Buff.png xx4 Unpopped Army price reduced from $3500 -> $2800
  • Buff.png xx5 Prince of Darkness now gives +1 damage to Zombies from any Necromancer
  • Buff.png xx5 Prince of Darkness now gives +50% duration to Zombies from any Necromancer
  • Buff.png xx5 Prince of Darkness range increased from 40 -> 80
  • Nerf.png BUGFIX: x1x Wizard's explosion can no longer hit camo bloons
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix ability damage increased from 2 to 3
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix projectile speed increased from 200 to 300
  • Buff.png xx4 Unpopped Army zombie bloon damage increased from 1 to 2
  • Buff.png 120 Wizard now uses tower targeting priority to guide the Wall of Fire
  • Nerf.png x2x Wall of Fire pierce reduced from 20 -> 15
  • Change balloon.png 021 Wall of Fire pierce increased from 15 -> 20 (original Pierce)
  • Buff.png xx4 Necromancer Wizards now each have their own personal 'graveyard' of 500 capacity rather than 1 shared pool of 2000
  • Change balloon.png xx4 Necromancer Wizards will display their current graveyard size above their portrait next to their pop count. Any Bloons popped within the Shimmer radius of a Necromancer can be absorbed into that graveyard, but 1 pop will not fill more than 1 graveyard.
  • Buff.png xx4 Necromancer Wizards will now be able to retain any Bloons in their graveyard for 1 extra round before expiring
  • Buff.png xx4 Necromancer Wizard's Zombie lifespan increased from 8 -> 10
  • Buff.png xx4 Necromancer Wizard's Zombie spawn rate is increased by a flat 10% for every 100 Bloons in the grave reaching a maximum of double attack speed at 500 capacity
  • Buff.png xx5 Prince of Darkness Graveyard Capacity increased to 2000
  • Nerf.png 4xx Arcane Spike price increased from $10,000 -> $10,900
  • Buff.png 031 Dragon's Breath crosspath now benefits from increased pierce 4 -> 6
  • Buff.png x4x & x5x Phoenix summon states should now save between games
  • Buff.png xx3 Shimmer price reduced from $1800 -> 1700
  • Buff.png 000 Wizard Monkey price reduced from $450 -> $400
  • Buff.png 000 Wizard Monkey pierce increased from 2 -> 3
  • Buff.png x3x Dragon's Breath, breath attack gains bonus damage to ceramic +1
  • Buff.png 130 Dragon's Breath increases lifespan of Dragon Breath 0.4 -> 0.8
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix projectile radius increased from 5 -> 6
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix damage increased from 3 -> 4
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix pierce increased from 5 -> 6
  • Buff.png x4x Summon Phoenix projectile speed increased from 300 -> 350
  • Buff.png xx4 Unpopped Army now gains a bonus to graveyard after round 81 to make up for the total decrease in child Bloons that are created from Super Ceramics (About 10 per pop)
  • Buff.png xx4 Unpopped Army targeting has been reworked to function in a smarter way, summoning Zombie Bloons further back to avoid them spawning behind Bloons, and also on multi-lane tracks targeting the lanes that are likely to leak sooner
  • Buff.png xx4 Unpopped Army now enhances the power of all of its attacks by 1 for every 200 souls in its Graveyard. This can stack up to 10 times for Prince of Darkness
  • Buff.png xx5 Prince of Darkness max Graveyard capacity increased from 2000 -> 3000

Bloons Adventure Time TD[edit | edit source]

Before potential unlock

Monkey Apprentice is a super rare ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. He can be upgraded up to equivalent 2/1 Apprentice at maximum (ie, with Fireball, Intense Magic, and Lightning Bolt). He costs $470 to place. He is available in groups of two per every Monkey Apprentice ally equipped to characters.


  • Fireball ($550) - TBA
    • Intense Magic ($200) - TBA
      • Lightning Bolt ($1200) - TBA.

More info TBA on topics including camo-detection potential.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Be advised that Apprentices are arguably the worst offensive tower in BTD5, due to their abysmal single-target damage at lower tiers, lack of pierce and overall damage with Dragon's Breath and Summon Phoenix, and potential to create unintended Regrow Farms with Lightning Bolt, Summon Whirlwind, and Tempest Tornado.
  • In BTD4 and BTD5, since they can push back bloons, it is a good idea to place the tower near loops or near the end of the track.
  • Several of them bunched together can sometimes work very well on strong bloons.
  • Apprentices with Dragon's Breath are best at the start of the track because they can pop any incoming Leads and weaker bloons with ease, especially if Lightning Bolt is purchased.
  • They can pop Lead Bloons in BTD5 even without upgrades, so if you don't have enough cash for a bomb tower by round 28+, then place an apprentice.
  • Summon Whirlwind and Tempest Tornado are useful in Regen Farming in BTD5.
  • Monkey Apprentices with at least Lightning Bolt can be used in groups to quickly dispose of clustered bloons.
  • They should not be used against Ceramics or MOAB-Class bloons without Dragon's Breath, as they do little damage to them.
  • Watch out for Regrow Bloons if players rely heavily on Monkey Apprentices. Since Lightning Bolt can pop bloons practically anywhere on a track, this can potentially allow them time to regrow and start a Regrow Farm.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A 4/4 version of the Monkey Apprentice is available in the BTD5 mission Wizard Lord, but it sacrifices the players most expensive tower every other round. It can use all attacks of the Monkey Apprentice and the Summon Super Phoenix ability, a more powerful version of Summon Phoenix ability.
  • In BTD4, the first upgrade to the Monkey Apprentice changes its name to Monkey Sorceror. The second upgrade changes it to Monkey Mage. The third changes it to Monkey Archmage. The fourth and final upgrade changes its name to Monkey Wizard.
  • In BTD4, the Monkey Apprentice is one of the towers that changes form upon each upgrade. The others are the Monkey Buccaneer, the Monkey Ace, the Monkey Beacon and the Banana Farm.
  • All of the upgrades for the Monkey Apprentice in Bloons TD 5 allow it to pop any type of non-Camo bloon.
  • In BTD5, the Monkey Apprentice is the only tower that can pop a Lead Bloon with no upgrades and without using explosives.
  • In BTD5, with upgrades, a Monkey Apprentice uses multiple spells at once; however, it could only shoot one at a time in BTD4.
  • This is not advised to be the main defense against many Regens, because it usually fails. It's better against bloons than MOABs.
  • In the BTD4 logo, there is a Monkey Apprentice.
  • In BTD5, the Tier 1 upgrades give the Apprentice glasses. The Tier 2 upgrades give it a bigger hat.
  • In BTD5, the Path 1 specializes in air while Path 2 specializes in fire.
  • In BTD5 the old artwork of the Monkey Apprentice is now the artwork of the Monkey Sense upgrade.
  • In BTD5 Flash, a Summon Whirlwind will have a description written "Disciple of Air". Dragon's Breath is called Disciple of Fire, Tempest Tornado is Master of Air, and Summon Phoenix is called Master of Fire.
  • The Monkey Apprentice uses the elements of the world such as wind, fire, lightning, and storms. It lacks the forces of earth and water however. Though in Bloons Super Monkey 2, the Monkey Research for the Magic abilities is labeled "Earth Magic," proving that the monkeys have a form of magic related to the element of earth, but still no references to the element of water. Also, in Chinese tradition, air isn't an element, but metal and wood are.
  • The Fireball upgrade shoots the same fireballs as the Dreadnought Premium Upgrade for the Monkey Buccaneer.
  • The Monkey Apprentice is a popular tower due to its low initial production cost, and its upgrades allowing it to hit every type of bloon without the assistance of other towers.
  • In BTD5 and Bloons Monkey City, the Monkey Apprentice is able to pop Lead Bloons, even if unupgraded; In BTD4 and BTD6 Monkey Apprentice cannot if Fireball is not bought.
  • The BMC artwork for Monkey Apprentice is similar to the BMC artwork for Ice Monkey/Tower.
  • The Monkey Wizard used to be the only tower in Bloons TD 6 to have two fifth tier towers that have abilites being, Wizard Lord Phoenix and Soulbind.
  • In BTD6, the three paths are based on base magic, fire magic and dark magic.
  • In Bloons Adventure Time TD, it is part of the achievement Old School, which can be unlocked by having a Dart Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, Monkey Apprentice and Sniper Monkey on the board at the same time.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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