For the tower related to a special mission in BTD5, see Wizard Lord (Tower).
For the special mission in BTD5, see Wizard Lord (Special Mission).
Wizard Lord becomes a master of the flame, turns into a super powerful Lava Phoenix for a short time.
~ Wizard Lord Phoenix upgrade description
  • The Wizard Lord's ability while active
  • Wizard Lord official artwork
  • Wizard Lord Phoenix as a monkey
  • Wizard Lord Phoenix as a phoenix
  • Wizard Lord Phoenix from behind
  • Disappearing original Phoenix while transforming to Wizard Lord Phoenix
  • Wizard Lord Phoenix's new permanent Phoenix, Version 11.0 update additon

The Wizard Lord Phoenix is a Path 2, Tier 5 upgrade for the Wizard Monkey. Along with a permanent phoenix while its ability is inactive, the Wizard Lord Phoenix upgrade buffs the new Summon Phoenix ability with increased popping power, the ability to pop Purple Bloons, and in addition to the normal phoenix flame attack (with significantly faster projectile speed), the phoenix spews out 8 fireballs at 45° angles. Interestingly, instead of summoning another Phoenix, the Wizard Lord himself merges with the Phoenix so while the Wizard Lord Phoenix is active, the monkey will not be able to attack. While the ability is active, a carved flame rune is left where the Wizard was. It costs $51,000 on Easy, $60,000 on Medium, $64,800 on Hard, and $72,000 on Impoppable.

The ability lasts 20 seconds and has a cooldown of 50 seconds.


  • Both Phoenixes are considered sub-towers, meaning they do not get affected by external buffs.


  • Upgrading Wizard Lord Phoenix to 2/5/0 or 0/5/2 will make no difference to the Wizard Lord Phoenix ability, as the abilities are not affected by crosspaths. However, 0/5/2 is generally better because this takes advantage of the improved 50 pierce (opposed to 4 pierce) of the original non-ability Dragon's Breath attacks to damage Camo Bloons.

Update HistoryEdit


Nerf Multiple Wizard Lord Phoenix upgrades can no longer be exploited through activated Wizard Lord Phoenix ability.

Buff Wizard Lord Phoenix now shoots 8 fireball projectiles instead of 4

Buff Wizard Lord Phoenix projectile speed and fire breath attack speed greatly increased.


Buff Wizard Lord Phoenix ability now deals 4x damage on its main attack and 10x damage on radial fire burst.


Buff The tower's and the Phoenix's main fire breath attack has increased to 50 pierce each


Buff Wizard Lord Phoenix price reduced ($80,000 → $60,000)


Buff Wizard Lord Phoenix now has a basic phoenix active whenever ability is inactive

  • Buff Base phoenix damage increased from 2 to 3
  • Buff Base phoenix projectile speed increased from 200 to 300


  • Before the 2.0.0 update, another Wizard Lord Phoenix could have been placed and upgraded while the other was in phoenix form making many clones of the phoenix itself.
  • Attempting to move this with the Support Chinook while it is still transformed will cause a game crash.
    • This was fixed on Version. 3.0 (?)
  • There is a bug where a building on High Finance would destroy the active Wizard Lord Phoenix's phoenix form.
    Attacking Flame Rune

    A flame rune throwing some magic bolts and flames.

  • There is a bug when you're testing your own challenge. If you enter a round with the Wizard Lord ability still active, lose that round and replay the round, the ability will be deactivated while the flame rune is still there. The rune will seem to "face" to the target bloons and attack just like a normal Wizard Lord. Reactivating the ability will make it normal again.
  • If you put it on water with Snowstorm, the Phoenix that is spawned will have ice under it.
  • In version 12.1, there's a bug that you cannot gain the 2TC Achievement (Complete a game in CHIMPS Difficulty with only 2 towers)  by using a Wizard Lord Phoemix as one of the 2 towers.This bug still happens in v14.3.


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