The Wizard Lord is a unique tower that only appears on the Wizard Lord special mission. It is impossible to use in any other game or mission, due to the fact that if the player upgrades fully on one path, the player can only upgrade halfway on the other.

He is a Monkey Apprentice upgraded fully on both paths (4-4), and he has the powerful abilities that he can use Intense Magic, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Monkey Sense, Dragon's Breath, Tempest Tornado and Summon Super Phoenix, but sacrifices towers every 2 rounds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Every 2 rounds, he makes the player's most expensive tower poof away in a purple mist. Once he has fed on a tower, he'll laugh at the player.
    • If there are no towers to consume, he'll scream and poof away in a purple mist. Then the player will get a game over.
  • The Wizard Lord and the Temple of the Monkey God are the only two towers that can both sacrifice towers.
  • The Wizard Lord cannot be sacrificed by the Temple of the Monkey God in the online version.
  • You can get Wizard Lords in Bloons Monkey City Mobile only as decorative Monkeys. He will not get into any tile captures.
  • The Wizard Lord cannot sacrifice a special agent. He will not eat special agents when those are the towers left.
  • If he sacrifices a Super Monkey Fan Club, the affected Super Monkey Dart Monkeys will continue to be Super Monkeys until the duration of the ability finishes.
  • He is not technically a Monkey Apprentice, as evidenced by the lack of upgrades, the different ability, and the fact that the Apprentice specialty building does not affect it.
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