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The amazing 4/4 Wizard Lord must feed on your most expensive tower on every other round. If there are no towers on screen, he cannot feed and the mission is over. [...]
~ Official description of "Wizard Lord" special mission in BTD5 Flash
No longer an apprentice, this monkey wizard has mastered the dark side and needs to absorb the tower with the most cash put in to it to survive.
~ Unused Bloons TD 5 Flash Description

The Wizard Lord is a unique tower that only appears on the Wizard Lord special mission in Bloons TD 5. It is impossible to use in any other game or mission, due to the fact that if the player upgrades fully on one path, the player can only upgrade halfway on the other.

He is a Monkey Apprentice upgraded fully on both paths (4-4), and he has the effects of all of the Intense Magic, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Monkey Sense, Dragon's Breath, Tempest Tornado and Summon Super Phoenix upgrades, but sacrifices most expensive towers every 2 rounds.


The Wizard Lord is dressed like a normal wizard monkey but the suit is brown instead of black and the hat is brown too with the stars and moons on it green. The monkey's skin is yellow and has red eyes with white pupils and is holding a magic wand with a green Crystal on it with a red aura around it in its right hand and a second red aura around its left hand. The wizard is also flying on a cloud.


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  • While the Wizard Lord is stated to be a 4-4 Monkey Apprentice, it is considered a separate tower internally. This can be seen by the fact that it is not affected by the Mage Spire.
  • The Wizard Lord and the Temple of the Monkey God are the only two towers in BTD5 that can sacrifice towers.
  • The Wizard Lord cannot be sacrificed by the Temple of the Monkey God in the Flash version.
  • You can get Wizard Lord in Bloons Monkey City Mobile only as a decorative monkey. Unsurprisingly, he will not join the monkeys in battle.
  • The Wizard Lord cannot sacrifice a special agent. He will not eat special agents when those are the only towers left, likely to prevent the player from passing the special mission easily by substituting regular towers.
  • If he sacrifices a Super Monkey Fan Club, the affected Super Monkey Dart Monkeys will continue to be Super Monkeys until the ability times out.

Ninja Kiwi Blogs[]

  • According to Ninja Kiwi's October 1st 2021 blog, the Wizard Lord created the crack on the BTD6 map Cracked.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 23rd June 2022 blog, Wizard Lord was the inspiration for the concept of Paragons.
    • In the same blog, when asked if Wizard Lord will be the Paragon for the Wizard Monkey, the response was simply "you will have to wait and see".