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The wizard battle has gained some unexpected contestants.
~ Adventure description

Wizard Battle is an adventure in Bloons Adventure Time TD, located in Badlands. It is unlocked once players complete the adventure Winter is Coming. It contains the maps Mystery Doors and Wizard Royale. Beating it for the first time on any difficulty unlocks Sam.


These are rewarded upon completing both Mystery Doors and Wizard Royale on their respective difficulties.

  • Normal: 100 Coins, 4 Gems, 3 Star Level Currency, 20 Shards, 1 Uncommon Wish Orb, 1 Random Power
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable: TBA


Intro transcript[]

[Grand Master Wizard (left) announces]

Grand Master Wizard: Wizard Battle will soon commence.
Grand Master Wizard: [normal] This year's grand prize is...
Grand Master Wizard: A kiss from Slime Princess.
Grand Master Wizard: [pleading] Contestants where are you going? Come back, the battle starts soon.
[Ice King (top right) and Sam (bottom right) join]
Grand Master Wizard: [looking at them] It looks like we have just 2 contestants remaining.
Ice King: [playful] Hey cutie, do you battle here often?
Sam: [raises left hand with a small ball of flames] Fireball plus Ice equals...
Ice King: [vigilant] Whoa, watch where you fire that thing, we haven't even started yet!
Sam: [puts fireball away, self-conscious] Ooops silly me.
Sam: [waves wand from right hand, making a burst of purple energy at the tip] Zzzzap!
Ice King: Now hold up, you almost hit those Bloons!
Ice King and Sam: [both gasp] Bloons?!?

Outro transcript[]

[Ice King (right) appears, clapping]

Ice King: Who won? Who gets to kiss Slime Princess?
Grand Master Wizard (left): Due to the unexpected arrival of the Bloons the tournament is null and void!
Ice King: [flapping arms, disappointed] What?!? That's not fair.
Sam (bottom right): [adorably] Aww you want a kiss?
Ice King: [gently making arm waves in front of him] Oh boy, cutie. I sure do!
Sam: [smirks] Then kiss this...
Sam: [does the same move from the intro] Zzzzap!
Ice King: [alert] Owww, the battle's over. Stop that! Ouch!
[Grand Master Wizard leaves; Max replaces him]
Max: Good to see you as feisty as ever, Sam. We could use your help.
[Ice King is normal, Sam yawns]
Sam: Oh hey, Max. Sure, I'm getting bored anyway. There's nothing to do around here.
Sam: [zapping] Ka-Zaaap!
Ice King: [reappears twisted into an animal shape] Hey change me back...


  • TBA