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How did the Bloons make it to Ooo? It's time to point the finger at Ice King.
~ Adventure description

Winter is Coming is an adventure in Bloons Adventure Time TD, located in the Ice Kingdom. It contains 2 maps: Snow Plains and Ice King's Throne Room. Players unlock Ice King upon completing an adventure on any difficulty for the first time.


These are rewarded upon completing both Snow Plains and Ice King's Throne Room on their respective difficulties.

  • Normal: 100 Coins, 4 Gems, 3 Star Level Currency, 20 Shards, 1 Uncommon Wish Orb, 1 Random Power
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable: TBA


Intro transcript[]

[Enter Finn (left)]

Finn: [with Scarlet] Ice Kiiiing! Come out. We know you're up to something.
Bloon Princess (right): My husband the Ice King isn't here at the moment. Go away, Finn and Jake.

Jake (bottom left): He's finally lost it, dude.

[After Finn swings Scarlet, Bloon Princess's side bloons disappear, then it quickly hides under the name banner. Three pop sprites from previous Bloons games flash one by one.]
Finn: [swings Scarlet] Enough! Hyaaaaa!
Ice King (swaps with Bloon Princess): Ahh, now look what you've done! You're gonna pay for that!

Outro transcript:[]

[Finn (left) and Ice King (right) enters]

Ice King: [down] All I wanted was a princess to love and now you've ruined it. Why can't I just be happy?
Finn: You unleashed a plague of Bloons! Now you're gonna help clean this mess up.
Ice King: [waving arms in and out] Those Bloons have nothing to do with me...
Ice King: [looking around] Wait, what?
Ice King: You want me to help you?
Ice King: [clapping] You mean like a team?
Ice King: You're right, it's all my fault. Let's go team!


  • The name "Winter is Coming" is based on the title of the first episode of the popular fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones.
  • In the intro, the Bloon Princess is briefly seen unpopped while swapping with Ice King.
  • The BTD5 Pre-Round Comment for Round 70 states that Bloons in general cannot speak. However, the Bloon Princess theorectically can speak, as evident by the in-game quote.
Bloon Princess

A glimpse of the bloon princess