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Advanced flight pathing that coordinates multiple Monkey Aces on staggered attack runs.
~ In-game description

Wingmonkey is an upgrade in the Military Monkey Knowledge tree, added in Version 15.0. It grants all Monkey Aces with a new flight pattern (target priority) that allows it to fly around the screen like the planes from the Aircraft Carrier. It requires eight military knowledge points invested, Aeronautic Subsidy, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon500.



Wingmonkey target priority allows Aces to fly around the map more freely, but it comes at the cost of relying on an unreliable flight algorithm. However, it can be useful in situations where Ace platform placement is less important.


  • Use this with large hordes of 1-3-0 Bomber Aces on maps with lots of track space, such as Firing Range, as these Monkey Aces will be more likely to have space to always drop their bombing arrays along while they move freely along the air. However, with less than 7 Aces there are generally spots that are better than using Wingmonkey.
  • Avoid using this target priority if there is already a good Monkey Ace flight region, as the Monkey Ace on Wingmonkey may fly off in an unfavorable direction.
  • Wingmonkey can end up being worse for Top or Bottom Path, as any attempt at manual micromanagement can disrupt the predicted flight pattern.
    • For Shredder, Wingmonkey may cause it to fly off the screen. Optimal placement is a key factor in optimizing Shredder's damage output; letting the Ace move too far from its base can be considered a downgrade.
    • For Spectre, it should be kept it near the back for Ceramic cleanup or provide it with straight lines to utilise its high pierce. Setting it on Wingmonkey has the potential to set the Ace on top of other bloons, but doing so may make it target bloons unreliably and/or waste pierce.
  • Certain players prefer not to purchase Wingmonkey as it has a fairly high potential to reduce the DPS during ace micro. If Wingmonkey is undesirable, then this MK Point can be excluded.
    • For example, certain Ace flight paths involving the original flight paths can be disrupted by the Wingmonkey Ace flying off in other directions.



  • Wingmonkey is the first MK to grant a new target priority.