A Windmill is a Resource Building in Bloons Monkey City which is used to generate Power (Lightning thing-0), necessary for a city to run. Windmills can be built any tile except lakes and rivers.

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The level 2 windmill

Level Unlocked N/A
Size 1 tile (3x3 in BMC Mobile)
Building Type Resource
Cost 500 (level 1)
2,500 (level 2)
Function Lightning thing-070 (level 1)
Lightning thing-0150 (level 2)
Level Cost Exp Power Generated Building Time Level Required
1 500 200 Lightning thing-070 30 minutes none
2 2,500 480 Lightning thing-0150 4 hours Level 12


Level 1Edit

The level 1 windmill is a brown wooden building with a straw roof and 4 wooden blades.

Level 2Edit

The level 2 windmill is an improved version of level 1. The wood in the building has no gaps and is red-orange in colour. The roof is made of yellow wood and the blades appear to be made of cloth. It also has a door.


The Windmill, in game has no (visible) resident. However on the title screen, if the player hovers over the windmill, a monkey pops out (possibly the Monkey Farmer from BTD5 Mobile).



  • If the player scrolls their mouse over the Windmill in the title screen, a Monkey (possibly the Monkey Farmer) will pop up out of the top and shake his head. This is hard to see as the Windmill's blades sometimes block it.
  • The maximum amount of windmills the player can have in their city is 22.
    • This means if the player has all 22 windmills upgraded to tier 2, then the windmills alone will be generating Lightning thing-03,300!
  • In BMCM, you can place unlimited Windmills and Watermills after city level 35, due to the fact building use more power. Ninja Kiwi said this was intentional.
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