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Various towers affecting the whole screen.

Whole Screen is an attack style characterized by an attack affecting the whole screen. It is part of the damage types family. Although it affects the whole screen, it only affects any bloons that are currently on the map.

Whole Screen is represented on Bloons Wiki as Whole Screen, the upgrade icon for Epic Range in Bloons TD 6, as this depicts a projectile going around a globe which show its ability to affect anywhere it goes. Ironically, Epic Range does not match the upgrade's effects, and choosing this image was only done as a visual aid.

Examples of Whole Screen[]


Bomb Blitz is a known ability that is Whole Screen as it instakills any B.F.B and below and severely damages Z.O.M.Gs and B.A.D.s on screen when a bloon leaks.

Glue Strike is considered Whole Screen as its ability covers the whole screen. However, it is limited to affecting non-blimp bloons on screen by default unless crosspathed with Corrosive Glue, as it has Target Bloon Target Bloon(s) (unspecified types of bloons targeting, and quantity) by default and must have that upgrade in order to affect MOAB-class bloons.

Spirit of the Forest is considered Whole Screen despite the fact that the vines don't cover the whole screen. It only grows on the track, and since that is only where the bloons go, it is considered Whole Screen.

Pop and Awe's ability is considered Whole Screen since it stuns any bloons that are on the screen.

Carpet of Spikes is considered a mixture of On-Track On-Track (unspecified variant), Spike Pile On-Track Spike (unspecified variant), and Full Map Range Full Map Range (unspecified description of how the tower can attack beyond basic range) or Whole Screen due to the fact that on some maps, it might cover the entire track with spikes or on other maps, it might not.

Bloons Pop![]

The powerups Radar, Super Monkey Storm, and The Anti-Bloon cover an entire portion of the level when used, and therefore are considered whole screen.

Bloons Card Storm[]

The Firestorm card, Quincy's major ability, and Gwendolin's major ability are considered Whole Screen because they affect all opposing bloons on the board.

Bloon Embiggen is also considered Whole Screen because it affects all bloons on the owner's side. Similar can be said for Red Bloon Storm because it fills all empty bloon slots on the owner's side with red bloons.