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The Web Gun is an Epic gun weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It increases the range and blast radius of the equipped character and grants them the ability to stun Bloons on hit briefly.


  • The Web Gun is PB's best option for support builds due to its massive range bonus.
  • The stun effect and blast radius are nice perks and help PB save up in the early game, but they are not this weapon's main draw.
  • This weapon should not be used for damage builds. Practically any Rare or Super Rare gun that grants extra damage and/or attack speed fills that role better.

Version history[]

  • Change Range bonus changed from +30% +1% per star to +12 +1 per star.



  • The Web Gun originates from the Adventure Time episode "Reboot". The weapon's description references how it was used in an attempt to subdue a hybrid animal.