Watermills generate power like windmills, but are built on rivers instead.
~ BMC Official Description
More power for your buildings is always useful. Watermills produce slightly more power than Windmills. Capture a piece of river and build a Watermill.
~ "Build a Watermill" Quest description

A Watermill is a Resource Building in Bloons Monkey City. It's used to generate Power, like a Windmill, but the watermill can only be placed on rivers. It's slightly more powerful than a Windmill. It's one of the few buildings that has multiple forms, each facing the river's flowing direction.

Level Cost Power Generated Building Time Exp Requirement
1 City cash550 75Lightning thing-0 30 Minutes 200 none
2 City cash2,700 155Lightning thing-0 8 Hours 480 Level 12



  • In BMCM, you can place unlimited Windmills and Watermills after city level 35, due to the fact that buildings keep using more and more power. Ninja Kiwi said this was intentional.
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