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Water Hazard is an Intermediate track in Bloons Tower Defense 5. It was released on Feb 7th, 2014, followed with Dune Sea, an Advanced track.


A track in symmetrical form, located in a golf course and a hilly terrain. There are 2 paths. They follow the outline of the track. You can build water towers floating on hazardous river. Spacing of Banana Farms is a problem, since the track contains hazardous water.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile version of Water Hazard

In Bloons TD Battles, the track appears somewhat similar to the BTD5 version, except bloons move along the edge of the islands rather than forming at the "center" and crossing a bridge as would be seen in the BTD5 version of the track. More land at the "center" also appears in the BTD Battles version of the track.


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Name Awesome Points Image
Water Hazard Bronze AwesomeIcon.png10 Water Hazard Bronze.png
Water Hazard Silver AwesomeIcon.png25 Water Hazard Silver.png
Water Hazard Gold AwesomeIcon.png50 Water Hazard Gold.png


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $150
Completed $30


  • A Water Hazard is a body of water in golf that causes players to take a 1 stroke penalty, should their ball enter the water.
  • In BTD5 iOS Water Hazard is in the Advanced Tracks section and has the same rewards as Advanced Tracks, while Dune Sea is an Intermediate Track.
  • Towers can be built on the bridge.
  • There isn't much land, so it's hard to get farms and temples.
  • A modified version of this track is available on BTDB