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You cannot place normal towers onto water. You have to use something that floats...
~ BTD4 Round 27 Pre-Round Comment

The map Flooded Valley covered almost entirely in water

Water is the space on the map where water towers can be placed. Water as a game mechanic is introduced starting from Bloons TD 4. Only water towers can be placed on water. There is an amphibious counterpart of water called frozen water, which fits both land and water towers.

In BTD4, the only tower that can be placed on water is the Monkey Buccaneer. In BTD5, the towers that can be placed on water are Tribal Turtles (which can also be placed on land), Monkey Buccaneers, Monkey Subs or Pontoons.

In BTD6, in addition to the BTD5 towers mentioned above (excluding Tribal Turtles since they have not returned), the heroes Admiral Brickell and Pat Fusty can be placed on water. Beast Handler’s aquatic beasts also require water to place. Also, with the Arctic Wind upgrade on the Ice Monkey, land towers can be placed on water, provided they are in the range of the monkey.

As of now, all current maps in Bloons TD Battles 2 contain water. With exception of COBRA Command, which requires obstacle removal to reveal water, all maps have enough available water on the get-go to place at least a few water towers.


When a tower is placed on water in Bloons TD 6:

When a tower is placed on water in Bloons Adventure Time TD: