Warrior Bubblegum is the name given to a gaming character in Bloons Adventure Time TD. She is Princess Bubblegum but within the context of a war that she faced in the Candy Kingdom.

In the game Warrior Bubblegum can be unlocked by clearing the Candy Kingdom campaign "Necro Candy" in Hard difficulty only. She costs $350 to be placed.

Wielding a sword, she is less cost efficient than fellow sword-wielder Finn but can be upgraded to become a powerful support tower, like the Monkey Engineer. Her upgrades are based around three paths; an ally-upgrades path, character-summons path and offensive path.

Statistic[edit | edit source]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Royal Treasury $810: Warrior PB's allies are cheaper [by 29%]
    • Reinforcements $650: Increases the quantity of PB's allies [+1 maximum cap]
      • Born to Rule^ $6000: Above upgrades apply to everyone's allies
  • Candy Archers $500: Summon Candy Archers to join the cause
    • Inspiring Presence $420: PB can summon her forces quicker
    • Gumball Guards $950: Summon Gumball Guards to attack bloons with their sword (Requires Tower Level 3)
      • Gumball Science $490: Increases the range and attack speed of the Gumball Guards
      • Candy Copters $2500: Call in air support from the Candy Copters (Req. Tower Level 5)
        • Upgraded Copters $1400: Candy Copters move faster and have more weapons
        • Gumball Guardian^ $5250: Ability: Activate a devestating laser strike from the Gumball Guardians (Req. Tower Level 7)
  • Combat Training $150: Increases the pierce of PB's sword attacks
    • Combat Experience $210: Increases the speed of PB's sword attacks
      • Combat Expertise $350: Increases the damage of PB's sword attacks

^Only one of these upgrades can be purchased at a time.(Born to Rule / Gumball Guardian)

Star Boost[edit | edit source]

Warrior PB will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 2
  • 4 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 6 stars - Base attack speed increased by 0.2
  • 8 stars - Base range increased by 3
  • 9 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 2
  • 10 stars - Starts with Candy Archers pre-purchased for free

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Use her for more powerful allies like TTs or supporive allies like COBRAs. If your not concerned about loot drops from TCW then use her with 4D Sword to potentially catch missed MOABs.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When placed:

  • "For the kingdom!"
  • "Protect the kingdom!"
  • "Candy army, to ME!"
  • ¨Whoa, that´s a blast from the past!¨ [When (Warrior) PB is placed after the other]

When you select her:

  • "To arms!"
  • "To victory!"
  • "Ready!"
  • "Onwards!"
  • "Guards!"
  • "Rally to ME!"
  • "Ahh! What?" (when annoyed)

When upgraded:

  • "Thanks."
  • "Together we're stronger!"
  • "Reinforcements!"

When MOAB Class bloons appear:

  • "Stand ready everyone. HERE IT COMES!"

When a MOAB Class bloon gets popped:

  • "Good job, everyone!

When leaking a bloon:

  • "They're too strong! Defensive formation B!"

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to beat all of Necro Candy on Extreme Difficulty, but Warrior Bubblegum will still be not unlocked. This is also reflected by the fact that the icon for her unlock only appears on the Hard Difficulty Adventure Chest in Necro Candy.
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