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Heart of Oak cost reduced by 100.
~ In-game description

Warm Oak is an upgrade in the Magic Monkey Knowledge tree. It allows the Heart of Oak upgrade to cost $100 less regardless of game modes. It requires four magic knowledge points invested and Hot Magic.


The following are prices for the Heart of Oak upgrade with and without the effect of Warm Oak:

Tower Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Heart of Oak upgrade $295
WarmOakIcon $195
WarmOakIcon $250
WarmOakIcon $280
WarmOakIcon $320
Full 0-2-0 Heart of Oak $865
WarmOakIcon $765
WarmOakIcon $925
WarmOakIcon $1,010
WarmOakIcon $1,130



Aside from being a simple discount to Heart of Oak, the main perk with this MK is not from Heart of Oak itself, which would be purchasable pretty cheaply already, is the mere overall discount to Druid of the Jungle and Jungle's Bounty.


  • Even $100 less can allow for easier accessibility to the Degrow status effect.
  • The mere $100 can make a big difference to affording Druid of the Jungle, which can help ace the early-game rounds sooner and allow for more greed with Banana Farms.
    • Similarly, the mere $100 can make a big difference to affording Jungle's Bounty sooner to kickstart Jungle's Bounty farming sooner.



  • Warm Oak is the shallowest Druid-only MK in the Magic Tree.