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The pinnacle of Martian weaponry. No bloon is a match for its power.
~ BATTD description
Icon wand of dispersement

Wand of Dispersement ability icon

The Wand of Dispersement is an Epic weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has a special property to destroy the most powerful bloon instantly with an ability. As a Wand weapon, it can be equipped by Flame Princess, Ice King and Sam.


It is shaped like a butterfly wing or a wind up keys. It has a golden color with 2 red eyes and blue pupils on the top and 2 triangles on the bottom of the wand tip.

Special Properties[]

Activated Ability: Targets the strongest bloon on the map and instantly kills it. This includes MOAB-classs except BADs. It has a cooldown of 180 seconds.


Wand of Dispersement is useful to destroy ZOMG and/or DDT children immediately after popping a BAD, especially when they are nearing the exit (usually in short tracks) or the end-of-track present in some seasonal event featured maps (even in lanes other than the ones bloons currently take, where the MOAB-class bloons' large hitboxes could make contact with it before regular bloons could).

Best wand when you don't have to farm for Wish Orbs with TCW.

Flame Princess is the best suited for this weapon DPS wise, although Ice King is a close second to make up for his lack of MOAB popping power.