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Creates a super hot wall of fire across the track to roast the Bloons as they pass.
~ In-game description

Wall of Fire is the Tier 2 upgrade of Path 2 for the Wizard Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It creates a wall of fire on the track closest to the Wizard that lasts for 4.5 seconds, refreshing every 5.5s (4.5 seconds for Dragon's Breath and subsequent upgrades). Wall of Fire blazes constantly damage bloons every 0.15s. It will deal damage onto up to 15 bloons at a time (+5 with Intense Magic) in a contact radius of 15. For a relatively low cost, it damages bloons quite quickly. Walls of Fire also cannot pop Purple Bloons without support, and any Purple Bloon that touches it will destroy it. Unlike most attacks, the Wall of Fire attack undergoes a 1.0s initial cooldown before creating its first Wall of Fire.

Once deployed, the Wall of Fire blaze will receive its power based on the Wizard at the time of deployment. Aside from further upgrades, crosspaths can change how that attack will behave. For Path 1 crosspathing, Guided Magic adjusts placement based on target priority if the Wizard sees bloons within its range at the time of deployment. Intense Magic adds +4 pierce, while new Walls of Fire from a Wizard with Monkey Sense can target and pop Camo Bloons.

Wall of Fire can be buffed by damage buffs such as Jar of Pickles or Necromancer: Unpopped Army damage scaling, starting from Version 31.2.

It costs $805 on Easy, $950 on Medium, $1,025 on Hard, and $1,140 on Impoppable.



The Wizard Monkey now wears red gloves and its hat is now a wide-rimmed red wizard cap. The celestial patterns on its hat are kept yellow. On the official upgrade portrait, the Wizard holds up a flame with his right hand.

Full Popology[]


The following is a list of statistics of a Wizard Monkey with Dragon's Breath. It includes its base statistics and all associated crosspathing interactions. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base stats
  • Bolt:
    • Projectile, energy type, detects partial hitbox, 40 range, 1.1s attack cooldown, 1 damage, 3 pierce.
  • Fireball:
    • Projectile, fire type, detects partial hitbox, 40 range, 3.0s attack cooldown, 1 damage, 18 pierce, 10 blast radius.
  • Firewall:
    • On-track item, fire type, 40 range, 1.0s initial cooldown, 5.5s attack cooldown, 1 damage per 0.15s, 15 pierce, ~10 (?) projectile size, 4.5s lifespan. Locked on Close targeting.
Crosspathing interactions
  • 1-2-0:
    • Bolt ignores Line of Sight
    • Fireball ignores Line of Sight
    • Firewall ignores Line of Sight and can be targeted at nearby bloons based on target priority
  • 0-2-1:
    • Bolt pierce increased to 8 (+5), and projectile speed increases
    • Firewall pierce increased to 20 (+5).
  • 0-2-2:
    • Base tower gains camo detection, and all new attacks can affect camo

Damage Types[]

See also: Damage Types/Bloons TD 6/Magic

The following are a list of wiki-written damage types associated by a Wizard Monkey with Dragon's Breath. These damage type statistics include how it attacks and how these attacks would affect bloons. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base attack(s)
  • Bolt:
    • Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen) Energy
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
  • Fireball (Projectile):
    • Fire Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen) Fire
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
  • Fireball (Explosion):
    • Explosion Type (pops White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Explosion
    • Burst (bursts from fireball) Burst
  • Firewall:
    • Fire Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen) Fire
    • On-Track (unspecified variant) On Track
    • Spawn On-Map (randomly placed onto nearby track) Spawn
    • Contact Damage (1 damage every 0.1s contact) Contact Damage


Updated as of Version 30.1
Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade Cost (x-2-x) $805 $950 $1,025 $1,140
Total Cost (0-2-0) $TBA $1,625 $1,755 $TBA
Total Cost (1-2-0) $TBA $1,775 $1,915 $TBA
Total Cost (2-2-0) $TBA $2,375 $2,565 $TBA
Total Cost (0-2-1) $TBA $1,925 $2,080 $TBA
Total Cost (0-2-2) $TBA $2,225 $2,405 $TBA



Wall of Fire is a low-cost method for general bloon cleanup for a rather lower price. It is effective at weakening a large wave of relatively weak bloons, or it can be used to clean up a few spaced bloons that sneak by. With 0-2-2, it is also a very cheap reliable solution against Camo Leads. Beware of Purple Bloons – if any of them touch the Wall of Fire, it will instantly become extinguished! Ensure good Purple popping power is also included in the main defense, such as a 3-0-2 Ninja.

Traditionally, Wall of Fire was one of the most popular upgrades used for Race Events due to its low price and relatively high pierce, but due to various nerfs for the upgrade and the rise of upgrade restrictions on Race Events, Walls of Fire have seen less overall usage. However, it remains a useful source of cheap damage, as long as Purple Bloon popping power is managed properly so as to retain the Walls of Fire.

Crosspath choice for Wall of Fire depends on what is needed. Multiple groups of 0-2-0 Wizard Monkeys on nearby track generally the best choice for maximizing damage. 0-2-1 adds better grouped popping and 0-2-2 is for beating Camo Bloons such as Camo Leads. 1-2-0 can dynamically change Wall of Fire position, but 2-2-0 currently does nothing for the Wall of Fire at all. Upgrades at Tier 3 and above are capable of directly enhancing Wall of Fire, for instance Arcane Mastery further increasing range of the moveable blazes, Dragon's Breath for faster-popping blazes, and Necromancer: Unpopped Army and above for higher-damage blazes, though Shimmer appreciates Wall of Fire for general cleanup.


  • One Wall of Fire can be used near the exit to catch any leaking bloons.
  • Wall of Fire is very good DPS for bloon rounds, and fairly good support DPS for MOABs and Ceramics.
    • However, it can be inconsistent, as there is a small downtime where no Walls of Fire are set.
  • One 0-2-2 Wall of Fire is a low-cost, reliable way to deal with Camo Leads.
  • It should be noted that Wall of Fire extinguishes when Purple Bloons touch Wall of Fire, as of Version 8.1. It is useful not to place Wall of Fire too close to the entrance, as well as to be sure that other towers can pop Purples before reaching any Walls of Fire.
  • The Wall of Fire attack always targets Close by default. Choose a location where the Wall of Fire attack would benefit the best for the Wizard, preferably a location where it acting as a chokepoint would be optimal.
  • Guided Magic allows Wall of Fire to specifically target bloons based upon target priority. As long as bloons pass by the Wizard, it will always smartly place a Wall of Fire at a spot that corresponds to its target priority settings.
    • 1-2-0 Walls of Fire can be used to anti-stall bloons coming from the entrance provided that the Wizard itself can cover the track's entrance.
  • Because of the new Version 22.0 changes, selling and rebuying the Wall of Fire has no use for increasing DPS because the Wall of Fire attack undergoes initial cooldown before spawning its first firewall, and firewalls disappear upon selling of the parent Wizard Monkey.
  • It is worth adding the "Lingering Magic" MK to make Wall of Fire last for 5.4s instead of 4.5s, a +20% lifespan increase. Instead of 82% uptime, the Wall of Fire attack has 98% uptime. Also, 0.1s downtime means almost no problem, compared to 1.0s downtime.

Version History[]

Wall of Fire had a notorious history of combating grouped bloons extremely effectively for its price while formerly relying on RNG for the firewall placement, especially when the attack was spammed. This made it formerly considered a very overpowered upgrade. A series of pierce nerfs, damage nerfs, a disintegration upon contact with Purples, and several sell-and-rebuy countermeasures have been implemented over time to reduce the strength of Wall of Fire compared to when it was first released into the game. Several quality-of-life changes were added in between.

Version 25.0 removed the random placement of the Wall of Fire attack in order to reduce its RNG factor.

  • Nerf Wall of Fire no longer has infinite pierce. Instead, it now has 20 pierce per frame.
  • Nerf Cost of Wall of Fire increased ($1,100 → $1,300).
  • Buff Guided Magic allows Wall of Fire to ignore Line of Sight.
  • Nerf Wall of Fire does damage half as often.
  • Buff Cost of Wall of Fire decreased ($1,300 → $900).
  • Buff Dragon's Breath and above now deploy Walls of Fire at a faster rate.
  • Buff [bug] Wall of Fire (unintentionally) pops Purple Bloons.
  • Nerf Wall of Fire no longer pops Purple Bloons without support.
  • Nerf Wall of Fire now disappears upon becoming impacted by a Purple Bloon instead of simply allowing the Purple Bloon to pass by untouched.
  • Buff Wall of Fire now (correctly) can be deployed/shot further when the Wizard Monkey has increased range.
  • Buff 120 Wizard now uses tower targeting priority to guide the Wall of Fire.
  • Nerf x2x Wall of Fire pierce reduced from 20 → 15. Requires Intense Magic for 20 Wall of Fire pierce.
Some changes have been made to wall of fire to improve race balance in particular
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Wall of Fire attack begins on cooldown when the upgrade is purchased.
  • Nerf Wall of Fire now saves the time remaining on its attack cooldown, rather than always immediately spawning upon starting a round from a game save.
  • Nerf Wall of Fire attack projectiles are removed when the tower is sold.
Wall of Fire has been reworked in order to cut down on cases of frustrating randomness as well as the initial cooldown on the attack being reduced. Additionally at the highest tier all fire attacks will be further enhanced in damage
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Wall of Fire now targets onto the closest track position by default.
  • Buff Wall of Fire initial cooldown reduced from 5.5s → 1s.
  • Buff Wall of Fire damage now increases with Wizard Lord Phoenix.
As Wall of Fire still stands out too much for a Tier 2 upgrade, it is seeing a nerf with some power being shifted further up to the T3 instead. In contrast, Fireball continues to underwhelm, so is seeing an initial buff plus a larger buff at T3.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf x2x wall of fire tic rate decreased from 0.1s -> 0.15s. However, Dragon's Breath and higher retain the old tick rate.
  • Nerf 021 pierce bonus to wall of fire reduced from 5 -> 4
  • Buff Affected by Fireball attack speed buff
As base Wizard shines in no way & doesn’t lead into any immediately good cheap lower tiers aside from Wall of Fire, the base price is being slightly lowered at the cost of an increase to Wall of Fire. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Wall of Fire price increased from $900 -> $950
    • Total price increase is +$25, due to the price decrease of base Wizard.
  • Buff [undocumented] Wall of Fire is no longer single-layer damage, allowing for damage scaling for Wall of Fire on pre-freeplay rounds.


When a fireball explodes:

When deploying a Wall of Fire blaze:


Official artwork[]


  • In Version 8.0, there was a bug where all Walls of Fire could pop Purples as a result of the Blooncineration buff. This has been fixed on Version 8.1.
  • With the Guided Magic crosspath, the Walls of Fire are still placed closest to the Wizard if no bloon is in range of the Wizard during the time of deployment.
  • Before Version 22.0, Wall of Fire formerly always spawned immediately upon beginning a reloaded save file, but now Wall of Fire projectiles save their remaining attack cooldowns. Because the attack cooldown naturally always could pass over rounds even if not going back to the save, the change where the save file saves the remaining attack cooldown for the Wall of Fire attack is considered a full nerf.
  • The addition of both an initial cooldown for the Wall of Fire attack and removal of the Wall of Fire blaze upon selling prevents sell-and-rebuy spamming strategies. The sell-and-rebuy strategy for Wall of Fire at the time was extremely dependent on RNG, and made players complain about its combined unfair sequentially precise micro and RNG-dependency in Race Events and therefore most players wanted it to be nerfed. In fact, using a macro to apply the sell-and-rebuy spamming would be considered cheating according to the BTD6 fanbase.
  • The filenames for the sound effects representing Wall of Fire spawning are named FireBall01.ogg to FireBall05.ogg. Possibly, those sounds were originally intended to be used for the Fireball attack but were instead reused for Wall of Fire.