Creates a super hot wall of fire across the track to roast the Bloons as they pass.
~ Wall of Fire upgrade description

Wall of Fire official artwork

The Wall of Fire is a Path 2, Tier 2 upgrade for the Wizard Monkey. It creates a crater of fire randomly on the track nearby that lasts for a short time. For a very cheap price, the Wall of Fire can pop up to 100 bloons per Wall of Fire, a significantly large amount of bloons, but the downside is that the fire wall is very random and that it cannot pop Purple Bloons, a property similar to most of the Wizard Monkey's other upgrades. Costs $TBA on Easy, $1,300 on Medium, $TBA on Hard, and $TBA on Impoppable.

Update HostoryEdit


Nerf Wall of Fire no longer has infinite pierce. Instead, it now has 100 pierce.


Nerf Cost of Wall of Fire increased ($1100 —> $1300)