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Bomb Shooter's Bloon Impact stuns for 25% longer.
~ In-game description

Violent Impact is an upgrade in the Primary Monkey Knowledge tree. It increases the stun duration of Bloon Impact by +25%, from 1.4s to 1.75s. Does no affect Bloon Crush. It requires ten primary knowledge points invested, Budget Clusters, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon500.


  • This MK mostly improves the effectiveness of the weaker crosspaths for Bloon Impact, considering that hitting the same bloon repeatedly with the 4-2-0 and 5-2-0 upgrades already can refresh the stuns before the stun effects expire.

Version History[]

  • BUFF Bloon Impact and Bloon Crush are now able to refresh stuns, no longer causing it to detriment from Violent Impact MK


  • The "Violent Impact" Monkey Knowledge was formerly deemed more harmful than good since Bloon Impact stuns could not refresh upon a new stun. This was changed as of Version 8.0, since now those upgrades can refresh their own stuns.