Vine Rupture activated

Vine Rupture is a stage 4 upgrade in the Magic Monkey Knowledge Tree. The upgrade gives the Spirit of the Forest Druid monkey a unique ability that allows it to detonate the vines it has generated along the path. It requires 8 points purchased into the skill tree before speccing into, along with BloonjaminsIcon.png500 as a one-off purchase.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Try to use Vine Rupture when there are a lot of weak Bloons on screen. Be careful when using Vine Rupture though, as the vines will need to grow back once exploded.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Vine Rupture works as a deadly track clearing ability that will also stun Bloons that are not defeated by the detonating vines. Upon being used, the vines will explode and regenerate again. Each explosion deals around 50 damage each and will stun any Bloon in place that was not defeated by the blasts.

The ability does not damage DDT's under any condition - even with Level 19 Striker Jones, a M.I.B. nearby or under the effect of Acidic Mixture Dip - but it will still stun them in place. This can make it effective on Rounds 95 and 99, and during freeplay where DDT's are more likely to appear, acting as a substitute for the Pop and Awe ability. It may also be useful in Apopalypse Mode late-game when DDT's start appearing.

During normal play, it is often better to not use the ability as the vines themselves will prove to be effective enough. However, if there are a lot of MOAB-class Bloons on screen it may be a good idea to use Vine Rupture to damage and stun them, particularly in late freeplay when the Bloons become faster.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When this Monkey Knowledge is active, this makes Spirit of the Forest only the third tier 5 tower to gain an additional ability. The other towers are Special Poperations and Pop and Awe.
    • As Pop and Awe doesn't gain an ability until tier 5, this, therefore, makes Spirit of the Forest only the second tower to gain an ability alongside its tier 4 ability after Special Poperations.
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