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Are you ready for two new maps? You might get lost in the woods on the expert map Forest Path, and then there is the strangely compelling coastal scenery on the intermediate map Village Shore. Enjoy!
~ Version 3.16 description

Village Shore is an Intermediate Track in BTD5 Mobile which was released in an update on July 13, 2018.


Visually, Village Shore is based heavily on the BTD6 main menu screen. The track itself bears resemblance to the BMC forest circle track and No Escape, but bloons immediately exit upon before they reach their first loop.


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $150 $250 $400 $600
Completed $60 $100 $160 $240

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token.png 2 Token.png 3 Token.png 4


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  • Since 2016, it has been the first time two or more tracks were released in one update. The other track that joined Village Shore to its debut is Forest Path.
  • The map is shaped like a 6, referencing Bloons TD 6, possibly to celebrate the 1-month aniversary of the game.
  • The map slightly resembles Town Center from BTD 6.