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Congratulations, you've reached the level cap! From now on, you'll start earning Veteran XP and reaching Veteran Levels. These levels take longer than normal and show your immense dedication to Bloon popping.
~ BTD6 description
Veteran Level Earning

Earning Level 1 Veteran

Veteran Levels are levels that were introduced in Version 25.0 for Bloons TD 6. These are levels earned after reaching maximum player level. They serve the purpose of allowing players to gain further levels to show their prestigiousness through their profile. There's no in-game benefit for gaining Veteran Levels other than for proving account legitimacy for long-term players.

XP Table[]

Veteran Levels have no level cap, and each level takes 20,000,000 XP. Below is a table listing total Veteran XP accumulation when reaching each level.

Level Total XP Accumulation
1 N/A
2 20,000,000
3 40,000,000
4 60,000,000
5 80,000,000
6 100,000,000
7 120,000,000
8 140,000,000
9 160,000,000
10 180,000,000

To find higher levels of total Veteran XP accumulation, use the following formula, where "x" is Veteran Level:

20,000,000 × (x - 1)