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Very hard zomg

A Very Hard ZOMG tile

Very Hard BMC

Very Hard Difficulty in BMC Flash

The Very Hard Difficulty is a difficulty in Bloons Monkey City. It is represented on a tile with 5 red dots. Such tiles should never be unprepared without a proper strategy. Supply Crates may sometimes be necessary. Experienced players will have difficulties. Inexperienced players may find such tiles completely impossible to do.

Table of times before no more Very Hard tiles[]

For this table, a certain level may be reached before a tile may no longer have any Very Hard tiles. All tiles can be marked Very Hard except for Red Bloon, Blue Bloon, Green Bloon, and Yellow Bloon tiles.

Strongest bloon in certain type of normal tile Level at which the type of tile no longer has Very Hard tiles
Red N/A
Blue (Mobile only) N/A
Green N/A
Yellow (Mobile only) N/A
Pink 8
Black 12
White 13
Zebra (Mobile Only) 14?
Lead 14
Rainbow 18
Ceramic 23
BFB 33
ZOMG / DDT / MOAB Pack / BFB Pack Never

Table for times for replaying tiles on Very Hard difficulty[]

In Replay Tracks, it is possible to play any track on Medium difficulty or above. This table shows the required level for replaying at each difficulty. On the flash version, this is unlocked at Level 10, though Mobile never had a restriction for that.

Tile Type

Level Required

Red 1
Blue 2
Green 3
Yellow Never
Pink 4-5
Black 6
White Never
Lead 8
Zebra (Mobile only) 7


  • Non-assault Pink Bloon tiles will start off as Very Hard at the start of the game.