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A Version History is a list of different updates that have been made to a certain game, more specifically Bloons Pop! in this case. This page will list every update that has occurred in BTD6, with primary focus on the iOS and Android versions. Additional notes that have occurred on certain version may also be listed on each section, with particular attention to any interactions with the game that are not explicitly stated on the either the patch notes or the version notes. Images relating to certain major updates (and occasionally minor updates too) are also inserted to each update section as a visual complementary.

For purposes of page consistency, each Bloons Pop! update is referred as "Version X.Y" (e.g. Version 24.1), where X is the main version and Y is the sub-version. Some fans of the game may refer it as "Update X.Y" or similar terms.

Refer to Bloons Pop!/Balance changes for specific balance changes since Version 2.0.

Note: Given dates are in New Zealand time.

Version 2.0[]

Content Update!

-Edit Mode has been added! Complete a scene to unlock
-New level designs! Watch out for tricky new Bloon layouts
-12 new items added to the Jungle theme, go grab 'em now!

Detailed notes:

  • Released on 27th August 2021.
  • Patch notes by Ninja Kiwi can be found here.
  • Teaser for Version 2.0 was teased one day before then.

Version 1.3[]

Performance improvements, black screen crash fixes and other misc fixes.

Detailed notes:

  • Released on 24th June 2021 on iOS.
  • Some levels were balance changed.
    • Buff Level 18 shots: 16 → 17
    • Buff Level 28 shots: 13 → 15
    • Buff Level 40 shots: 8 → 9
    • Buff Level 44 shots: 11 → 14
  • Buff Several Team Goals were made much easier. The "Pop 600,000 Pink Bloons" goal was lowered to 70,000 Pink Bloons, for instance.
  • Nerf [undocumented, without patch] On the Beach Bloonstone yield reduced from 5 to 2

Version 1.2[]

Minor bug fixes and text updates.

Detailed notes:

  • Released on 18th June 2021 on iOS.
  • Fixed bug where Striker Jones could not increase his pop count in Bloonspedia.
  • Fixed exploit where advertisements to speed up Bloontonium Collectors' creation of Bloonstones would be instantly refreshed upon forcibly closing and reopening the game.

Version 1.1[]

Worldwide Launch!

Detailed notes:

  • Released on 15th June 2021 on iOS.
  • This is the first true playable version of Bloons Pop! to the public.

Version 1.0[]

Was released on 4th June 2021 to the App Store as a pre-order.