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The Vampire King has turned his back on the predatory ways of the vampire and is ready to help in the fight against the bloons using his telekinesis powers.
~ BATTD description
Destroys bloons using telekinesis.
~ Short description

Vampire King is a Legendary Ally, and is unlocked by completing the Adventure Vampire Hunter, spending 45,000 Martian Crystals at the Martian Trader shop (when available), or opening a Legendary Wish Orb. He can be equipped to Marceline, Hunter Marceline, Sam, and Sai the Shadow.

He is similar to a massively improved version of Banana Man/Sniper Monkey, able to attack bloons (including lead but not camo) from anywhere on the screen, disregarding line of sight, and targeting up to 8 bloons per attack with a single target telekinesis hit. He can target the same bloon multiple times, as the amounts of targets is technically not derived from pierce. However, his target priority is set to Random and CANNOT be changed.

Fully upgraded, he can pop several MOABs and fortified MOABs at once. With all upgrades he does 128 total damage per attack spread across multiple targets when applicable.




Icon upgrade faster
Vampire Swiftness
COST: $600
Description: Increases attack speed.
Effect: Attack cooldown is now 1.1 seconds
Icon upgrade pierce
Dark Power
COST: $750
Upgrade(s) Required:
Vampire Swiftness
Description: Vampire crushes even more bloons.
Effect: Attack affects 8 more bloons.

+16 total damage (from 16 -> 32 total damage)

Icon upgrade damage
Awesome Force
COST: $2,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Dark Power
Description: Vampire King's attacks do more damage.
Effect: Each hit does 8 damage instead of 2.

+96 total damage (from 32 -> 128 total damage)


Vampire King is a powerful source of damage for allies only Martian Games and lategame Martian Games. As he does 116 damage per second when maxed, he also should be placed near buffs to further boost his damage output. He also can twoshot MOABs and oneshot Ceramics and below, making him a good midgame cleanup tower. Warrior PB's born to rule upgrade doubles the amount of Vampire Kings one can bring, and helps deal a lot of damage to the BAD.

A disadvantage Vampire King has is his inability to detect camo bloons, Dr Monkey, Hunson Abadeer, and Hunter Marceline can help in removing camo thus improving Vampire King's potential in popping all bloons on screen.

If choosing what to spend Martian Crystals on, Grob Gob Glob Grod is recommended instead, as GGGG can be used by 10 characters instead of 4, and Vampire King is one of the few good choices one can choose from a Legendary Wish Orb.


Vampire King is one of the few Allies that have some quotes of their own:

When placed:

  • "I am your king!"
  • "In the flesh!"
  • "I am a king, not a hamster."

When upgraded:

  • "Cool."
  • "Indeed."
  • "My thirst for blood is an awesome force."



  • He is the first tower in the Bloons TD series whatsoever that can use psychic/telekinesis themed Snipe attacks. Psi is the first tower not from another franchise that utilizes psychic attacks, but the second in the series as a whole, and instead of randomly attacking bloons, Psi has the standard four targeting options and can only instakill a bloon rather than deal direct damage, where the speed at which they pop a bloon depends on a bloon's tier.


  1. The Vampire King targets 8 (16 with Dark Power) bloons at a time per attack with single-target hits dealing 2 (8 with Awesome Force) damage each. Multiple instances of this attack can target the same bloon.