The Vampire King has turned his back on the predatory ways of the vampire and is ready to help in the fight against the bloons using his telekinesis powers.
~ BATTD description

Vampire King is a Legendary Ally, and is unlocked by completing the Adventure Vampire Hunter. He is similar to a massively improved version of Banana Man, able to attack bloons (including lead but not camo) from anywhere on the screen, disregarding line of sight, and popping several layers of damage from large groups of bloons at once.

Fully upgraded, he can pop several MOABs and fortified MOABs at once. Against the B.A.D., it does 128 damage per attack.

Properties[edit | edit source]


Infinite range, high pierce



  • Cost: $1800
  • Attack speed: 0.42
  • Damage: 2
  • Damage type: Normal
  • Range: 6*
  • Pierce: 1 (seems to be higher in game; possibly random?)

* Actual range Vampire King projects from his base, he can attack anywhere on the screen, regardless of this value or Line of Sight

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Vampire Swiftness - $600 - Increases attack speed.
    • Dark Power - $750 - Vampire crushes even more bloons.
      • Awesome Force - $2000 - Vampire Kings attacks do more damage.
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