OK, I may be a nobody in the world of Bloons, but I would like to challenge anyone who reads this to a challenge!
And it's a very straight forward one: get 16 buff icons on one tower at once!
Simple... WRONG!
Only ONE tower in a standard single-player game can have 16 buff icons active at once, and that is Favored Trades. And it is NOT cheap! You need the following towers to even REMOTELY pull it off:

  • Carrier Flagship
  • Trade Empire
  • Sun Temple with more $1000 worth of Support sacrifices
  • Berserker Brew
  • 2 different Monkey Villages AT LEAST; one Call to Arms and one Monkey City
  • Central Market
  • Ultraboost
  • And either Gwendolin, Benjamin, Ezili or Pat Fusty as your Hero.

Running quick mathematics... you're looking at around $300,000 for everything! That's a lot!
So to that, I make the challenge more interesting: how QUICKLY can you pull off 16 buff icons at once?

Do you accept my challenge?

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