If you're familiar with Bloons Tower Defence 6, chances are that you have probably heard of the 2 tower CHIMPS challenge. It's pretty self-explanatory: beat CHIMPS mode using ONLY 2 towers - that's 95 rounds of the first 2 towers you purchase, WITHOUT losing a life.

Several people have tried this challenge and found a few combinations that work. I've been trying my best to get in on the act with combinations that I feel CAN work... But with all of them something doesn't work out.

The following are combinations that I have tried and that I believe have the potential to pull off the fabled 2 tower CHIMPS run, but as of now they cannot
Or maybe they were just fun experiments. Either way, here's what I've tried.


The following are the abbreviations you will see often in this post. Here's what they all mean:

  • 2TC: 2 Tower CHIMPS
  • 3TC ABR: 3 Tower CHIMPS on Alternate Bloons Rounds
  • 3TC <30RBS: 3 Tower CHIMPS on tracks with a length shorter than 30 Red Bloon Seconds

Tested Combinations

Quincy + Sky Shredder

Sky Shredder

This seem like a combination with zero potential, but Quincy plus the Sky Shredder work really well together late game and hold up well in the early game.

And unlike ISAB's Quincy + Anti-Bloon run, you CAN purchase the Monkey Ace and still have enough left over to get Quincy's Level 7 upgrade, unless of course you purchase Exploding Pineapples, in which case have fun micro-ing!

Where this run falls apart, however, is Round 48 onward. 4-2-0 Monkey Ace (Operation: Dart Storm with camo detection) can beat Round 48 just fine, but it REALLY struggles against Round 49. You might have Quincy's abilities, but try saving the Storm of Arrows for the regrow rainbows when you've got ceramics and zebras coming at you thick and fast! They just cannot hold them off together!

But then, regardless of which set-up you go for, you're going to struggle past Round 63, if not then it's straight up impossible. You get past ALL of those ceramic rushes, you need Quincy's abilities... but the only way I was able to GET to Round 63 was by pumping cash into Quincy AND by using his abilities.

If I could have used a 4+-0-1 Monkey Ace, I probably could have cleared it, but even that's an uncertainty since I don't know if I would have reached that round without the camo detection.
I think this is the limit for these two... Shame.

Carrier Flagship + ???

I have tried and tested MANY Carrier Flagship combinations. Use link below to see all of the runs I've tried.

Ultra Juggernaut + Sky Shredder

Sky Shredder

*before going in*
Eh, may as well try this. Probably won't work that well...

*after trying combo*
Wha-...? Th-th-this works to a degree?!
Yeah; Ultra Juggernaut and Sky Shredder actually do the damage!

This combination took me all the way to Round 89. I probably could have gone further, but I think my Ultra Juggernaut placement was what let me down. Which is a bit of a Catch-22, because where I place that Dart Monkey at the start is crucial to getting through the early phases. Now, obviously, I was forced to use 5-2-0 Sky Shredder and 5-0-2 Ultra Juggernaut, though I would have preferred to use 5-0-1 Sky Shredder and 5-2-0 Ultra Juggernaut.

Despite making it so far, this strategy is... really tight, and at times feel as though it is reliant on luck. You're probably not going to let a rush of Bloons slip past as opposed to just one or two sneaking through. It'll also be a near run thing if you can get the Sky Shredder (mid-round), but once you do... just relax! There isn't much you can do after that.

That said, after Round 80 and when the super ceramics come through, you'll start to struggle. Popping the MOAB-class Bloon layers is easy (though multiple ZOMG's might prove a hassle); popping the super ceramics... not so much. Especially if they're fortified. As a result, I have no idea how this set-up fairs against DDT's or the BAD.

This one might need some trial and error to find an optimal strategy, but I feel like it can be done - assuming the BAD can be fully beaten. If not... forget about it.

Prince of Darkness + Bomb Blitz

Bomb Blitz

Inspired by Qwertyxp2000 the second's comment about trying Prince of Darkness and MOAB Eliminator, I found out that the bottom path for the Bomb Tower actually has some potential to pull off 2-tower CHIMPS if combined with a tower that eliminates camo properties. I believe that's why I was suggested the Monkey Wizard cross-path I was: Shimmer removes camo from all Bloons in a surprisingly large radius.

The original combination was awful; I didn't even make it to Round 40. But once I swapped out my MOAB Mauler for a Cluster Bomb/Recursive Cluster, it was MUCH better! Unfortunately, it was not bullet-proof.
The first major issue is that Bomb Towers DO NOT have black Bloon popping abilities outside of 3 upgrades: Frag Bomb, Bomb Blitz and Bloon Impact. Now, if I could get black popping power along the far better top path, why did I go for the bottom path, then?
2 words: Bloon rushes.

Rounds like 63 and 76 would probably be too much for a single stun-shot Bomb Tower to handle, whereas a Recursive Cluster and Bomb Blitz would have no trouble. They just decimate all Bloon rushes and make them non-existent in a few quick shots!

Sadly, there is a problem: a 0-2-4 Wizard and 2-0-4 Bomb Tower can get you to Round 58 (with a bit of luck and micro - I'll explain later), but you'll be about $2000 short of the Bomb Blitz upgrade... and I swear these two towers at their current state CANNOT beat this round! I eventually gave in and upgraded my Necromancer Wizard into the Prince of Darkness, allowing me to beat Round 58 (the exploit did create powerful BFB zombies at the start of the round, but I don't think that wold have made any difference) and Round 59...
Not Round 60, though. It probably would have been different if I DID get Bomb Blitz and got that double-recursive bomb every shot PLUS black popping power, but I had to make a horrible decision, and on I didn't like: I had to buy Prince of Darkness just to beat Round 58.

Which brings me onto the Monkey Wizard... You know, it's hard to actually confirm if my Round 60 limit is legit when there is an emergent scenario that allows you to spawn zombie Bloons at the start of a round when you shouldn't be able to. Until this is addressed, I can't give you a hard limit on how far this combination goes. True, I got to Round 60... but would you say I did it legitimately?
You know what also doesn't help? Wall of Fire RNG! It'd be better if the fire stayed around longer and spawned less often (so that there is still only ever one fire on track at a time per Monkey Wizard), but even then you're still relying on a HEFTY amount of luck to get anywhere!

This combination MIGHT work... but it would need a lot of patience, micro-management and perfect tower placement to even get close to the desired result: Bomb Blitz on Round 59/60.
I'm closing off this combination until something happens to either-or tower.

Energizer + Super Maelstrom


Similar to the Ultra Juggernaut and Sky Shredder combination, I decided to give this combination a go on a whim... and was amazed at how well they synergized together.
Blade and Super Maelstrom got a buff recently that extended the amount of time the abilities are active for, and I wanted to try them out in CHIMPS mode.

The only downside was no lead popping power until Super Maelstrom was purchased, and no camo detection AT ALL! So I decided to blend it with the Energizer sub. This works in theory, because Energizer decreases the cooldown period for the Super Maelstrom, which is already really quick. What I wasn't expecting was for this combination to be so good. Because of how quick the cooldown is for Super Maelstrom, and how long it lasts, you can basically spam the attack all you want with little timing.

It's not fullproof, but they go pretty well together. These two towers got me all the way to Round 82. Yes, despite how minimal it is, there is enough MOAB popping power to beat a ZOMG. The real problem proved to be fortified super ceramics. They're just too fast and too bulky for the towers to do anything to them.

This combination probably won't clear CHIMPS mode alone, but it was worth a crack at least.

Wizard Lord Phoenix + Dark Champion


In theory, this combination SHOULD have worked... but there are about a dozen different problems.

First of all, why I tried this combination. This actually doesn't sound all too bad, though you will need to lay off of upgrading your Dark Knight with the top path upgrades until after Round 62 at least, when the last of the purple Bloons comes for a while. It'd be touch and go then whether you can afford Wizard Lord Phoenix for Round 78.

The reason this combination sounds good on paper is because both a 0-5-2 Wizard Monkey and a 2-0-4 Super Monkey have surprisingly good popping power together. They can tear through Bloons together quite well and both have the power to deal with DDT's, though you will need help from the Summon Phoenix ability to deal with some of the harder rounds...
At least, that's what you'd think... turns out the reality couldn't be further from the truth.

Yes, the temporary 0-4-2 Wizard and 2-0-3 Super DO have good popping power together, but it's not enough - not even CLOSE to enough. By the time you reach Round 70 onward, you'll most certainly be saving up cash for Wizard Lord Phoenix. In fact, you'll be saving money all the way back from Round 63. Why? Because you've maxed out the popping power of the Wizard and Super Monkey's for now... and those next upgrades are REALLY expensive!

That's probably the biggest fault with this set-up; you can probably only afford one or the other: not both. You'll just run out of funds before you get the chance. Either that, or the second one comes in too late to be considered useful. And in this set-up's case, you NEED Wizard Lord Phoenix to beat the purples on Round 78...
If you can even GET to it, that is.

Here's the real reason why this combination doesn't work: Round 76. Some of the earlier rounds might seem impossible, especially 75, but they are beatable. It requires PERFECT timing of the Summon Phoenix ability and perfect micro-management of the Dark Knight to be done. But the sheer number of Bloons that the two towers AND the Phoenix have to contest with are just too great come 76. There's no way this round can be beaten with this combination alone.

So much for having a good idea for once...

Bloontonium Reactor + Sun Avatar


Gah! Almost had it! Why do I keep having good ideas that always fall short of the mark? WHY?!
Oh well... How and why this combination? Well, the why comes from a pre-existing run that was done long ago. In fact, it was the first ever 2-Towers CHIMPS run to be completed: Energizer & Anti-Bloon by KyrosQF. And it would take months before anyone else was able to clear the challenge afterwards...

Unfortunately, v4 of the game made this run seemingly impossible afterwards, by decreasing the amount of cash you could earn from the super ceramic Bloons. It killed the run on the spot, and it wouldn't be until v8 of the game when the next SEVEN successful runs would occur. It would also prove to be the only time that the Energizer would clear 2-Tower CHIMPS.

The run was deemed impossible later due to it being 'monetarily impossible.' Being one to test even the most abstract of combinations, I figured I might give the Monkey Sub & Super Monkey combination another crack.
To which I landed on the Bloontonium Reactor & Sun Avatar. Why these two specifically?
Two words: SUN TEMPLE.

The logic was sound, and in practice this turned out to be amazingly effective. All I had to do was set up the Reactor and the Avatar, and have them solo for as long as they could until I could upgrade the Avatar into a Sun Temple, as well as sacrificing my now mostly useless Monkey Sub for some Temple buffs. In this case, it would have been a Spectre and missile attack.
And by the look of it, it actually seemed like it was going to happen. By Round 55, I had managed to successfully set up a 4-2-0 Bloontonium Reactor and a 3-0-2 Sun Avatar, and they were still surviving unassisted all the way into the 80's!

And then Round 87 onward was a thing.
If you've placed your Avatar right, you CAN clear Round 87-90 with SOME difficulty. Otherwise you're forced to upgrade your Reactor to an Energizer to go anywhere further. But it is possible...! But you'll still be a full $20K short of the Temple.

Furthermore, Round 91 is just too much for the Sun Avatar to handle. You NEED to purchase Energizer to even have a chance of beating it... and then 92 is just impossible. There is NO way the Avatar can take care of THAT many fortified MOAB's on its own.
That's the thing that makes this set up hard, as it exposes the biggest weakness of the Sun Avatar: packed MOAB and BFB rushes. ZOMG's are alright; DDT's will be a hassle, but when you have to contend with nearly 100 MOAB's at once, Sun Avatar runs out of steam.

Now, why didn't I use a 4-0-2 Bloontonium Reactor to help deal MOAB damage? Well, what difference would it have made on a round like 92? There's just too many!
And why didn't I use a 3-2-0 Sun Avatar? Knockback and camo detection come time to sacrifice the Monkey Sub. I'm not sure the extra range would have helped much, either way.

Could have sworn I had this one...



That said... having done this, I actually think the Anti-Bloon combination is still possible, and maybe Dark Champion has a chance as well. It is monetarily possible to afford the Dark Champion (significantly earlier than you would otherwise thing, by the way).

I might give these combinations a crack later on... and if Bloontonium Reactor & Dark Champion somehow work, then that means that this will be the first combination that does require a Tier 5 OR a hero to succeed. (Would have happened anyway if the above combination worked, which it didn't.)
That would be something to be proud of.

EDIT: No go. Technological Terror can hold out somewhat with Plasma Vision, but otherwise it's not good enough to make the distance. It struggles in the early 80's, and I was in no way keen to purchase Energizer as I wanted to save the money for Anti-Bloon. Looks like this combination really IS monetarily impossible.
As for Dark Champion... yes, it is mathematically possible, but Dark Knight's just not strong enough. You'll get to about halfway cash wise, but Round 63 will end you, no matter WHICH cross-path you take.
However, I have been inspired to try other towers out with the Bloontonium Reactor and Energizer, much like what I did with the Blade/Super Maelstrom. Seems like this particular Monkey Sub is quite effective/influential in 2-Tower CHIMPS. I'll keep at it until something clicks.

Superstorm + Ground Zero


There are some things that you just have that feeling about... and this combination right here I feel can make it to Round 100. I've tried this combination and tested it out... and it's a lot better than I think anyone would expect it to be!
True, the direct damage out-put of the two towers at first may be underwhelming and insufficient in damaging MOAB-class Bloons (outside of the Bomber Ace bombs), but Ground Zero single-handed turns the tide and makes this a really effective and powerful combination.

I tested this combination out in Sandbox Mode - using a Tsar Bomba, but Ground Zero shouldn't really make much of a difference in practice - and I found that it was possible to clear even the hardest rounds in the game using these towers. The only round it couldn't beat? Round 100: the BAD.
Still, a combination that can potentially MAKE IT to Round 100 is worth celebrating at the very least.

Of course, in practice, I had to take monetary values into account to afford Superstorm. At the very least, you need it before Round 95 or you're NEVER going to clear it. But even then, my logic held true. The Druid of the Storm would blow back Bloons and Ground Zero would wipe them out in a single shot... assuming they survived the Bomber Ace bomblets, that is. They might be your only and most effective form of camo detection for the majority of the game, but they suffice perfectly fine!

Unfortunately, there was a major roadblock: Round 83.
Why? Isn't 83 supposed to be an easy round? Well, yes... if you have powerful DPS towers against super ceramics, that is. Neither of which are the 4-x-x Druid or 2-4/5-0 Monkey Ace. Yes, you CAN blow back the super ceramics, but they are spaced JUST far apart enough to slip by. Even if I did have the speed buff on the Druid, I reckon it would have still struggled to keep up. And you'll want to be saving your ability for when ALL of the MOAB's are on screen so you can wipe them out in a single shot...

Oh yeah, that's another problem: there's a bug in the game where if you Ground Zero away the last Bloons on a round, the money you earned from it DOES NOT carry over into the next round when you retry it. In other words, to maintain MAXIMUM monetary value, you either need to do it all in one go or crash on a round that followed one that you did NOT use the ability on.
There are rounds where that is possible, by the way... but not once you get to Round 81 and onward. The super ceramics are too bulky unless you use the ability.

Nevertheless, I was able to get to Round 88 before finally throwing in the towel. I had to use Ground Zero to beat Round 87, so I have the issue of dealing with the MOAB's and the super ceramic insides. Fortunately, they're not fortified, so they are pretty easy to defeat in clumps with the Bomber Ace bomblets. The issue is blowing them all back...

And that stupid money bug as well. I bet you that if I didn't have to restart several rounds over, I would be able to buy Superstorm at this point.

Round 100 is also unbeatable, but at least it is possible to reach. All you have to do is get Superstorm, and you're in business!

Grandmaster Ninja + Gwendolin


And yet ANOTHER potential combination fails... and this one looked so promising.

At first, this might seem like a pretty 'not-so-good' combination, since you're primary camo detection is the Grandmaster Ninja... which cannot pop lead Bloons. And while Gwendolin can damage camo lead Bloons through her abilities, that's not really sufficient when it comes to dealing with DDT's.
But believe it or not, this combination ACTUALLY works!

The reason why lies in two particular upgrades: Counter Espionage for the Ninja Monkey and Gwendolin's Heat It Up. These two in tandem are amazingly powerful, and back up the other tower where the it falls down. In this case, Counter Espionage makes up for Gwendolin's lack of natural camo detection, and Heat It Up grants lead popping to the Ninja Monkey.

But is there enough there to deal with, say, Round 90?
Yes there is.

By having Gwendolin placed just so that she gets at least SOME targeting priority over the Grandmaster Ninja and setting off her Firestorm ability at the right time, once the Grandmaster Ninja starts attacking and stripping the camo property from the Bloons, Gwen will start attacking as well. This begins the cycle of popping leads, stripping camo, popping leads, stripping camo, until the DDT's arrive. And when that happens, there's a very likely chance that Heat It Up will have activated.
And with that, you've successfully stripped the camo property from at least ONE of the DDT's. And if you timed it all right, then all 3 DDT's on Round 90 will be decamoized.

The other DDT rounds don't have this problem, so it's much easier there to perform...
But this combination just gets overwhelmed by Round 91. It's not that they don't have the popping power, it's that their are just too many Bloons to deal with at once. The only thing they currently don't have the popping power for is the BAD...



After simply adding a 4-x-x Alchemist to the mix in testing on Sandbox, this combination just sky rocketed in power. Previously, it struggled against Rounds like 95 and 100, but once the Alchemist was added, they just went to a whole new level. Kind of makes sense, really, given that ivanivanchenchen on Reddit pulled off the Grandaster Ninja + Permabrew 2 Tower CHIMPS combination already. (Although that was in an older version of the game; now it's no longer possible thanks to v13.0 balance changes to Grandmaster Ninja.)
So I had an epiphany: could this combination work in any of the 3TC challenges?

At first I tried this combination on Streambed, and it showed real promise... But I think the track wasn't ideal for this team, as I crashed on Round 94. So I moved over to Monkey Meadow, as it is the most similar track to Logs with a RBS of less than 30. And this looked REAL promising...!

But again, the team just get overwhelmed through sheer Bloon force. This time, however, on Round 98. And after testing it through Sandbox, Round 99 isn't possible, and the BAD on Round 100 is just too much.
So I decided to move onto 3TC ABR instead.

Thanks to the MANY Grandmaster Ninja + Permabrew combinations that have previously beaten 3TC ABR, all I had to do was add in a little extra fire-power... in my case, Gwendolin. They actually breeze through all the rounds quite nicely and can defeat all of the Bloon types...
Except for one: the fortified BAD.
You can't even POP the outer layer with this set-up! There's just not enough power involved to take it out!

This is the closest I have ever come to beating one of these challenges: actually reaching Round 100. But if Grandmaster Ninja + Permabrew are this good in 3TC ABR, I reckon there is still some hope for other untried combinations... And turns out that NONE of them have been done with a hero yet.
Well, I almost had the first...

Prince of Darkness + Avatar of Wrath

Avatar of Wrath

Urgh. Great... Yet another idea ruined by the early game.
You ever get de-ja-vu from something? I have, and this is that case: a run to set up Avatar of Wrath, ruined only by the Round 40 MOAB.

In theory, this seems like a sound idea to use a powerful tower like the Avatar of Wrath in combination with the Prince of Darkness. With the incredible speed and power the Druid will get in the late-game due to the ENORMOUS RBE, this pairing seemed like a good idea...

It's not.
Well, it may still be, but no without a little further help.

I tried both cross-paths on the Druid, but neither worked. A 0-1-3 Druid of Wrath DID pop the outer layer of the MOAB, but the ceramic insides were long gone by that point, and out of reach of both towers. So yeah, this combination is dead in the water before it even gets a chance to prove itself.

Seriously, Poplust needs to be buffed so that it benefits the Druid it is purchased on. What's the point of having the upgrade if I can only have ONE Druid of Wrath on the field? Even the SLIGHTEST of speed buffs would make a significant difference.

Perma Charge + Prince of Darkness


This combination goes to prove just how effective the v12 buffs to the 0-5-2 Perma Charge really are.
Prior to this update, Perma Charge was largely kind of underwhelming, especially since a bug meant that 0-5-2 did NOT get the +1 damage bonus from Red Hot 'Rangs... but not only has that been fixed, Perma Charge has had its attack speed increased AND the base damage output has been upped from 2 to 4.
So just imagine how powerful this tower is when you activate the ability!

The only downside is NO camo detection, and of all the available anti-camo options, I opted for Prince of Darkness. Combined, these two towers are DEADLY! They utterly DESTROY everything they come across and can deal with some of the toughest challenges with reasonable ease.

You will have some difficulties getting the combination set-up, but it is entirely possible to get Perma Charge when you need it most... in the middle of Round 75. It's touch and go, but once you get it, you're in business. For the next 20 or so rounds, you can pretty much relax. Though that said, ability timing will be critical to getting success once you're into the 80 and 90 rounds, and you may also have to rely on Bloon zombie RNG at times. (Assuming you're NOT abusing the exploit, which I don't.)

Where things get REALLY hard are the mid 90's. Round 94 was the furthest I got before I went "Nah, that's it." There are just too many packed BFB's for these two towers to cope. Plus, the only round afterwards that I KNOW these two can beat is Round 95. Round 100 is undoable, as you can't pop the BAD quick enough to deal with the inside ZOMG's and DDT's.

Still, this is quite an impressive feat for a primary tower cross-path that previously was looked down upon. Looks like the tables are turning!

Overclock + Dark Champion


I've found a combination that can beat the challenge, but you just cannot set it up in time in the early game.
It's no secret that Dark Champion is one of the best towers in the game, especially when you cross path it 2-0-4. It's absolutely POWERFUL! So just imagine how good it is under the effects of Overclock?

I'll save you the bother and spell it out slowly...


It just DESTROYS the end game with relative ease; there are only a handful of times where it is in trouble. Heck, even the BAD is a joke - it goes down THAT easy! Long of the short: make it to Round 100 - you win.

Unfortunately, simply GETTING to the first MOAB with this combination is a real challenge. And the reason why is two-fold:

Scenario 1: Engineer Solo

Your first option is to go straight for a Cleansing Foam Engineer Monkey. Your cross-path of choice doesn't matter, but you'll probably be going for a 2-3-0 since it is the more powerful option. And while you can solo for quite some time using this one tower, it's not enough to solo until you can afford a Super Monkey.

Scenario 2: Buy Super Early

The second option is to use a Monkey Engineer with nothing but the Sentry Gun upgrade. This in theory won't get you too far, but if you micro your Engineer enough, you can save up for a Super Monkey. Unfortunately, the issue is then being able to afford Cleansing Foam in time for Round 23...
You can't. You'll be a whole $300 short of being able to afford it. Just... ouch!

So, pick your poison! Cleansing Foam or the Super Monkey!
Either way, you've lost...!

No, really, you have lost. Currently, Round 76 is not beatable.
It always has to be ONE round that road blocks me, and only THAT one round!

Overclock + Pop & Awe


Oh, man, this was a BAD idea!
One tower I've wanted to try with 2TC for a while is Pop & Awe. Why? Because in mind, it's actually a pretty decent tower: fast attack speed, good power, and an ability that is INSANELY strong! I just HAD to give it a crack in 2TC to see how far I could take it! The only is camo detection; aside from its ability, there is now way it can deal with camo bloons. So I needed a method of decamoisation to accompany it.

While I could have gone with a Prince of Darkness, I didn't want to have to trigger the exploit that goes with it, so I opted against it. In its place, I went with Overclock, particularly since it can buff the attack speed of the Mortar Monkey...
Unfortunately, I came to a quick realization that this combination isn't really that reliable. There are a LOT of problems, and a lot of them centered around the Mortar Monkey itself...

Problem #1: The 30's
The early game is probably the hardest part of this whole thing. Using the 2-3-0 crosspath on both towers, you can make a start, but the sluggish attack speed of the Mortar just is not good enough. You can go a fair way in, but you WILL hit your first roadblock somewhere in the 30's... ESPECIALLY Round 37!
It is possible I feel, but it is so stupid hard! And if you can beat this round, you WILL have enough for Artillery Battery... I could not beat this round for the life of me, however, so I decided to skip past it and set myself up for Round 38 onward in a separate run to see how this combination would fair afterwards.

Problem #2: Peak Early
Once you've got Artillery Battery, you're next objective should be to get Overclock. It can be a bit of a hassle, but it is possible. And once you've done that... just relax and time your ability until you purchase Pop & Awe!
And that's the next issue. You'll get Pop & Awe somewhere in the 60's, and once you do... you've peaked. And ALL you get for your trouble is the Pop & Awe ability. It's a good ability for what it's worth, but you've heat peak power so early and you're STILL in for a rough time ahead! The only easy round once you do get this upgrade is Round 69...

Problem #3: The 70's
And that brings me to the next big issue: the 70's. Specifically, the transition between Round 73 and Round 74; mess this up, and you've lost. You need at least ONE of the abilities to even stand a chance, so you could either Overclock the Overclock and go to town with the cleansing foam or just use Pop & Awe to take out the fortified-camo-regrow-ceramics...
And then you need that same transition again for Round 75... and again Round 76 unless you beat it on your first go. You see the problem at this point? I just don't have the patience for any of that!

But the absolute killer was that I realized something: Pop & Awe is actually REALLY bad! That attack speed is fine, but the attack power is just AWFUL! The most it can do is 3 damage for blast: +1 from the Bloon Buster upgrade and +1 from Heavy Shells if hitting a Lead, Ceramic, MOAB-class or Fortified Bloon. It's not enough for the price, though!
The ability might be powerful, but for a $30K upgrade on Medium, that's not good enough. It NEEDS to receive a power buff for itself to even stand a chance. Buff the base damage by about +3, and I reckon this tower would be more competent on its own.

Prince of Darkness + The Biggest One


This one has a way to go before it can accomplish the run.
If ever.

This was supposed to be another Pop & Awe attempt, but at the last minute I decided to try The Biggest One instead. It was a strange idea in theory, but it proved to be quite effective!

The early game was probably the most tedious and annoying, even though the late game can be pretty challenging. The primary objective is to set up a 4-2-0 Mortar Monkey in time for Round 40, and the only way to do that is with a 0-2-2 Wizard (do NOT buy Shimmer, or you've lost). So no pressure... if you can micro-manage your Mortar Monkey. The 30's are REALLY difficult due to several black and zebra Bloons negating the Mortar and purple Bloons negating the Wizard and therefore nullifying the Wall of Fire. It's easier once you get Shell Shock, but you'll still have to contend with explosive-resistant Bloons.

As soon as you buy The Big One, it's on! And keep going until you get The Biggest One and Prince of Darkness, and you're all set for the late game! And that's the easy part...!

The downside, however, is an even bigger one: direct damage output between these towers is AWFUL!

While these towers work in great synergy when they're popping Bloons constantly and generating zombies for the cause, when it comes to dealing with bulky Bloons one-on-one, they're really not good. ZOMG's are a big hassle, and you'll only BARELY get past fortified BFB's. But they are beatable, and so are DDT's. You can even beat Round 95 with incredible ease using this set-up!

You'll NEVER beat Round 97 though, if you can get to it.
Best I could manage was Round 92 - even WITH the exploit - but it feels BARELY possible. And like I said, you can beat Round 95 easy. The other rounds MIGHT be roadblocks, but Round 97 is straight up impossible. In fact, it is LITERALLY impoppable. You just will NOT pop either of the fortified ZOMG's, even with the BEST will in the world!

Unless something happens to either tower, there's no way this combination is beating Round 100 any time soon. (Not that they would be able to beat Round 100 anyway; if they can't pop a fortified-ZOMG, what chance do they have against a BAD?)

Wizard Lord Phoenix + Super Brittle


A buff to the Ice Monkey from v17.0 made this a much more feasible combination, by allowing a 4-x-x Ice Monkey to detect and strip camo properties from all Bloons. (Except DDT's, for some reason. Won't even work with Super Brittle.)
But mind you, it's REALLY hard!

A 0-5-2 Wizard Lord Phoenix and 5-x-x Super Brittle cover all bases in-game and should have enough popping power to deal with all rounds. I've yet to properly test this yet, as my main priority is to see if it can clear the early-game... We'll get to that, though.

I have tested some of the mid-rounds, specifically Rounds 45 and 48 because they have camo-regrow-purple Bloons. Thanks to the v17.0, these rounds ARE beatable... just. But you can beat them, so you CAN in theory go quite far with this combination.
The catch is having BOTH of these towers in the perfect placement and micro-managing the wizard. It's just a nightmare!

Immediately, you might be thinking that Round 25 is an unbeatable roadblock, but I have tested this route with many combinations, and I have found that it is beatable... with a 3-0-2 Ice Monkey, unfortunately. (Yeah, 3-1-0 doesn't work.) In fact, the optimal place for the Ice Monkey I find is the bottom-left rectangle. It's where you place the Wizard Monkey that makes things difficult. It needs to be in a place where it is in close range of the Ice Monkey to trigger Ice Shards AND be able to solo the early game until you can safely place the Ice Monkey.
This same rule translates over to the camo-regrow-purple rounds later, as well as all other purple Bloon rounds in between. It is feasible courtesy of the Ice Monkey... it's just super hard!

You want a crack at this? Be my guest!

As for other challenging rounds, the only one that is of concern to me at this point is the Round 40 MOAB. I'm not TOO concerned about ceramic rushes yet, but I'll deal with that when I get there.

Sun Temple 1000


I may have found the single most amazing potential 2 Tower CHIMPS combination... but as it stands, it is virtually impossible.

The Sun Temple is a unique tower in the game in that it gains power from towers sacrificed to it. On its own, it is still pretty powerful: lots of power and pierce, plus an INSANE attack speed! (Though weirdly not as fast as Sun Avatar... huh.) But standalone is not enough; a combination back when Obyn was place-able at the start of CHIMPS mode proved that even with Obyn's buffs, the Sun Temple could NOT beat the challenge. I've also tried using a Bloontonium Reactor, but the buffs supplied by the sacrifice weren't enough...

However, I HAVE found a tower that you can sacrifice to the Temple in CHIMPS mode that gives it enough power to beat the end-game...
Believe it or not, but a Sun Temple with only an Ultra-Juggernaut for a sacrifice is powerful enough to beat EVERY round in the game. And I do mean EVERY round! 95 is a cakewalk; 98 is nothing; don't break a sweat on 99; and the BAD is completely doable.
This does require a very specific Temple placement for it to be possible, though, but get that Temple set-up with the Ultra-Juggernaut as a sacrifice, and you've won...!

Assuming that it is even physically possible. Far as I can tell, you can't even set this combination up; it's just not feasible. You have to solo the early game using a 2+-0-2 Dart Monkey to afford the Super Monkey, but that's a LONG stretch without attack speed buffs. Plus, you're not using the Crossbow upgrade, so you're in trouble off the bat.

And even if you CAN set this combination up, you need the Dart Monkey to be placed so that it can be sacrificed to the temple; place it too far away, and you've lost. But saving up for the Temple is BRUTAL hard! The rounds you have to beat using a 3-0-2 Sun Avatar - to cover for camo detection and DDT's - are just too tough! The Sun Avatar isn't good enough, and the Ultra-Juggernaut really suffers in Freeplay Mode thanks to the increased health of the Super Ceramics.

This is in my opinion the Holy Grail of 2TC. This is a combination that defies ALL expectations; making use of a Sun Temple - probably the most EXPENSIVE tower you can afford in a game of CHIMPS mode - and only an Ultra-Juggernaut for support. It's a combination that should NOT work...
BUT if someone ever manages to pull this off in the future, we have reached the pinnacle of this challenge. NOTHING will surpass this in terms of degree of difficulty, creativity and tower uniqueness.

Let's see if we can work together to make this combination a reality!

Beaten Combinations

Quincy + Wizard Lord Phoenix


This was a combination that I tried myself, but then Hiking Potato on Reddit beat it before me. But even then, I don't envy his accomplishment.

You want a tedious as heck challenge that will more than likely bruise your soul? Well, here yo go!
Courtesy of recent buffs, Quincy and the Wizard Lord Phoenix became a potential combination. There's just one problem: it's positively BRUTAL hard!
Mathematically, you can afford Wizard Lord Phoenix by Round 75. Good luck doing that, because to pull that off, you have to minimize how much you spend on Quincy. Spend any more than 10K, and you're pushing it.

The thing is, you kind of have to put money into leveling up Quincy, or you WILL struggle unless you have perfect ability timing and micro. Otherwise, the alternative is to put all your money into making Quincy strong early, and then saving up for Wizard Lord Phoenix...
Yeah, good luck with that!

Even IF you do somehow manage to get Wizard Lord Phoenix, this combination will still heavily rely on your abilities. And if you don't have a certain ability available at the start of a round, GAME OVER. Ability timing is the cornerstone of this combination; with it, you have the power to beat every round. It's just doing that that's the hard part.
Use an ability at the wrong time? Fail. Don't have an ability when you need it? Fail. Blow Phoenix Summon at the end of a round and lose the next round? Fail.
The margin for error here is THAT tight to the point where there IS no margin for error.

I don't think I can do this one myself; it's way too tedious and demanding for my liking. Best I was able to get was Round 76, and I didn't have ANY ability available to deal with it.

Wizard Lord Phoenix + Spectre


Congratulation to Great Mage for accomplishing this combination. That now means that Wizard Lord Phoenix has beaten 2TC with EVERY Monkey Ace upgrade path. And seeing what remains, I don't think there is anything left between these towers. All possible WLP + Monkey Ace combinations look to be done and dusted for good.

For those out of the loop, Wizard Lord Phoenix has been used in many MANY combinations already. It's understandable why it's so good and so popular: not only do you gain a permanent phoenix to fight alongside the Wizard, the Lava Phoenix ability is so POWERFUL! It just destroys everything!
And after a little bit of testing, I discovered something...
It actually works really well with the Spectre!

For the longest time, Spectre was the only Monkey Ace cross-path that had not beaten 2-Tower CHIMPS; Tsar Bomba has done it a few times, and Sky Shredder has already done it as well. Furthermore, it's also the only Monkey Ace cross-path that HADN'T beaten the challenge WITH the Wizard Lord Phoenix. So I decided to give it a crack!

From testing, I could confirm that these two towers CAN beat every round in the game, including the hardest rounds AND the BAD... Buuuuuuuuut it doesn't actually work.
The first big problem is Round 81. You are so close to affording Wizard Lord Phoenix, that it almost hurts! But a 0-4-2 Wizard and a 0-2-4 Spectre are BARELY good enough to beat 10 BFB's. They hold up somewhat, but then they struggle once they're down to the last third of the track with the packed MOAB's.
The second and arguably BIGGER problem is ability timing... Yes, this combination CAN beat every round in the game, but good luck finding the timing perfect enough to beat each round in succession without struggling.

The only way Great Mage was able to beat this challenge was by making use of a 'phoenix flight path' glitch that allowed him to sync it up with the Spectre. By doing that, he was able to pull the run off. When a combination is so hard that you need a glitch to make it possible, you know it's HARD!

Pre-Emptive Strike + Tsar Bomba


Version 15.0 brought a slight change to the Pre-Emptive Strike, which made me wonder if this combination might be possible. I previously tried this combination myself... but I gave up on it quite early because of one thing that I did not have the patience for.

As I've discovered previously, Ground Zero is more than enough camo popping power on Logs to Round 90. Throw in the Pre-Emptive Strike which - even without camo detection - utterly DESTROYS DDT's, basically it would seem like this challenge is a cake-walk!
The tough part is getting everything right. Ace-micro, Sub-micro, and ability timing; get all three of these spot on, and it's a breeze. But getting into that rhythm and fighting every instinct you have to waste the abilities unnecessarily isn't so much.
Once I made it to Round 61 with neither of my abilities available, I knew that this was going to be a very VERY tedious grind... So I gave up.

However, boblovespi had the patience to endure this challenge and get it done. Congratulations for pulling this run off! You earned it!

Fun Combinations

These combinations are just for the laugh or to see how far I can take an otherwise rather poor/underused tower. Some actually surprised me, while others proved to be comically bad.

Benjamin + Monkey Pirates


This was just a fun experiment to see how far Benjamin could go in 2 tower CHIMPS.
There's no denying it: if you're doing this challenge, Benjamin is the LAST hero you will be using; simply because he has no offensive properties - he's purely support. Plus, CHIMPS mode locks out his money making abilities. So I began to wonder to myself... how long would Benjamin actually last?

To that, I had only a small handful of options for the second tower to choose from, because I needed something that could do everything. And at first, I thought that the only one that would give me anything resembling substantial results was the Monkey Buccaneer. And while I was able to get to Round 43... turns out I missed a trick.

Turns out the Bloontonium Reactor makes for quite a powerful synergy wuth Benjamin; especially once you upgrade it to Energizer and get Benjamin extra experience AND 20% faster ability cooldown...! Well, in theory. You can't actually afford Energizer before getting overwhelmed.

This combination went all the way to Round 51, and the reason it works so well is because all bloons in range of the sub take damage every second. So add on Benjamin's Biohack ability, and that adds an extra layer of pop.
You see the brilliance in the logic here?

Mind you, this is a VERY sketchy combination. Later rounds from 40 onward required perfect timing of Biohack to be achievable, or to unsubmerge the reactor completely. Still, I was amazed at just how good this combination did. If I could have gone further to get Energizer and Level 13+ Benjamin, who knows how good this pairing could be?

Elite Defender + Stronger Stimulant


I'm not specifying which upgrade path I used for the Alchemist this time, because I tried two out... and one of them I think will need a LOT of retrying to get a good result for. But that's better left to someone more skilled at the game than I am.

Thanks to aliensrock, the 0-2-X Sniper Monkey has earned the title of "Dumb Sniper."
I don't know, but I find it to be the BEST version of the Elite Defender. With help from its incredible attack speed, it might take longer to shred down a single Bloon, but the shrapnel that it releases at the end is absolutely devastating! So I decide to find out how far this often mocked tower could last in 2-tower CHIMPS.

Only problem was 'What do I partner it with?' Since I wouldn't be able to get the Full Auto Rifle upgrade by Round 28, I had to pick a tower that could pop Lead Bloons for it in the time being... so I chose Alchemist for its support abilities.

The trick then is to solo the Alchemist for as long as you can, which given how cheap the Sniper Monkey is isn't all that bad. Just build up $380 and put down your Sniper, and you're set! Now, given the situation I was in, I had no choice but to opt for a 0-2-5 Elite Defender anyway. Leads weren't a problem since I had the Alchemist.

Under the effects of the Berserker Brew, it allowed the Elite Defender to deal more damage to the Bloons and take down MOAB-class enemies with greater ease. The downside was that in some cases, it was basically the ONLY firepower I had! And at points, it just got overwhelmed and struggled - there was some micro-ing going on for sure, and it just couldn't handle anything past Round 60.
What makes it even worse is how the mechanics of Berserker Brew and Acidic Mixture dip function... they basically did nothing for the Sniper Monkey!

Oh well.

Ezili + Sniper Monkey/Glue Gunner/Ice Monkey



If there are any two towers you never want to start CHIMPS mode with, they are the Sniper Monkey, Glue Gunner and Ice Monkey. A Glue Gunner cannot afford Corrosive Glue and Sniper Monkey and Ice Monkey are just too slow.

So for a bit of fun, I thought I might see how long Ezili and one of these 'bad start' towers could last on their own. do In theory, this doesn't sound like a bad idea; both Sniper's and Glue make up for Ezili's main weakness - her attack speed - surprisingly well. Though from two very different angles. Plus, it has every Bloon type covered, including DDT's and camo purples.

Of course, they weren't going to last long, were they? Still did better than I expected.
Sniper Monkey was pretty open and shut. Again, I went with the "dumb sniper" 0-2-4 set-up and eventually the Elite Defender... which I never actually got, unfortunately. But even then, Ezili and the Sniper lasted all the way to Round 54. Not bad, actually.
(Mind you, could you imagine if Sacrificial Totem could be used in CHIMPS mode with an Elite Defender? WOO-BOY! That would be AWESOME!)

Glue Gunner, however, was a much bigger hassle. Most of the rounds will be tedious due to a lack of sufficient gluing pierce, but once you get Glue Splatter, and eventually Glue Hose, you're set. The first REAL problem you'll encounter is the MOAB... This thing requires a VERY specific set-up to beat. For a start, you have to forgo purchasing Glue Strike (to deal with the camo purples that would inevitably come) and instead save up to purchase Level 8 Ezili, which you will only be able to do JUST in time. If you don't, you're not going to pop the MOAB layer.
And then there's the ceramics inside. If the placement of Ezili and the Glue Gunner is even SLIGHTLY off, you're not going to beat the ceramics, at all. And even then, it will require PERFECT micromanagement of Ezili's targeting priority to be done. But if you can pull this off, you're in the clear...!
Until Round 46 which cannot be beaten with this set-up. Rats.

As for Ice Monkey... it's awful.
The tower just doesn't help the hero enough to be sufficient, meaning that the purples on Round 25 are DEFINITELY going to be a problem. You have to rely on the Ice Tower to pop them, but it can't get all of them, so it's game over then.

Perma Charge + Dark Champion (Impossible)


Now, hold on a second! This combination is impossible! There's no camo detection in time for Round 24...! True, but... it's a possible combination!

I did some late-game testing, and I discovered that BOTH of these towers can handle the late-game perfectly fine! Rounds 90 to 100 are 100% beatable - only difficulty being the timings between Rounds 98 and 99; get them wrong, and it's game over.
I even tested them on Round 76 with a Dark Knight... even THAT was possible!
This combination WORKS! There is just no way you can get early game camo detection.

At the very least, I do feel like this demonstrates just how effective the new Perma Charge really is. If it is strong enough to support a Dark Champion in the late game to beat CHIMPS mode, then what else is possible? Heck, they even melted the BAD with relative ease! No, seriously, it was THAT easy.


More to come... potentially.

(Want to try these for yourself? By all means, go ahead! But if you SOMEHOW pull one of these off, be sure to credit me if you were inspired by such.)

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