Here is the list of the towers and their upgrades. Names of the towers and upgrades may be different in different BTD games. Color describes which BTD games is the tower or upgrade available in:

BTD4 only
BTD5 only

Tower Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Upgrade 4
Dart Monkey Long Range Darts Enhanced Eyesight Spike-o-pult Juggernaut
Sharp Shots Razor Sharp Shots Triple Darts Super Monkey Fan Club
Triple Shot
Tack Shooter Faster Shooting Even Faster Shooting Tack Sprayer Ring of Fire
Extra Range Tacks Super Range Tacks Blade Shooter Blade Maelstrom
Sniper Monkey Full Metal Jacket Point Five Oh Deadly Precision Cripple MOAB
Faster Firing Night Vision Goggles Semi-Automatic Rifle Supply Drop
Boomerang Thrower Multi-Target Glaive Thrower Glaive Riccochet Glaive Lord
Sonic Boom Red Hot 'Rangs Bionic Boomer Turbo Charge
Lightsabre Thrower
Spike-O-Pult [1] Longer Range [1] Juggernaut [1]
Faster Reload [1] Multi Shot [1]
Ninja Monkey Ninja Discipline Sharp Shurikens Double Shot Bloonjitsu
Seeking Shuriken Distraction Flash Bomb Sabotage Supply Lines
Bomb Tower Extra Range Frag bombs [2] Cluster Bombs Bloon Impact
Bigger Bombs Missile Launcher MOAB Mauler MOAB Assassin
Ice Tower Enhanced Freezing [3] Snap Freeze Arctic Wind Viral Frost
Permafrost Deep Freeze Ice Shards Absolute Zero
Glue Gunner Glue Soak Corrosive Glue Bloon Dissolver Bloon Liquefier
Stickier Glue Glue Splatter Glue Hose Glue Striker
Monkey Buccaneer Faster Shooting Longer Cannons Destroyer Aircraft Carrier
Grape Shot Crow's Nest Cannon Ship Monkey Pirates
Monkey Ace Rapid Fire Sharper Darts Neva-Miss Targeting Spectre
Pineapple Present Spy Plane Operation: Dart Storm Ground Zero
Super Monkey Laser Blasts Plasma Blasts Sun God Temple of the Monkey God
Super range Epic Range Robo-Monkey Technological Terror
Monkey Apprentice Intense Magic Lightning Bolt Summon Whirlwind Tempest Tornado
Fireball Monkey Sense Dragon's Breath Summon Phoenix
Monkey Beacon [4] Wider Influence [4] Jungle Drums [4] Sonar Beacon Monkey Storm Beacon [4]
Monkey Village Monkey Beacon Jungle Drums Monkey Town High Energy Beacon
Monkey Fort Radar Scanner Monkey Intelligence Bureau M.I.B Call to Arms
Banana Farm More Bananas Banana Plantation Banana Republic Banana Research Facility
Long Life Bananas Valuable Bananas Monkey Bank Banana Investments Advisory
Mortar Tower Increaced Accuracy Bigger Blast Bloon Buster The Big One
Rapid Reload Burny Stuff Signal Flare Artillery Battery
Mortar Battery
Dartling Gun Focused Firing Faster Barrel Spin Laser Cannon Ray of Doom
Powerful Darts Depleted Bloontoinium Darts Hydra Rocket Pods Bloon Area Denial System
Spike Factory Bigger Stacks White Hot Spikes Spiked Ball Factory Spiked Mines
Faster Production Even Faster Production MOAB-SHREDR Spikes Spike Storm
Road Spikes
Monkey Glue [5]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Appears only in BTD3
  2. Can be bought as a free Premium Upgrade in BTD4
  3. In BTD1-BTD3, it appears as two separate upgrades Long Freeze Time and Wide Freeze Radius
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Appears only in BTD3 and BTD4
  5. Appears in BTD2-BTD4
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