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Nothing big has happened in the last weeks, so this news post will be more about the wiki future.

Bloons Universe

Bloons Super Monkey 2

  • We can look forward to new Ninja Kiwi games including a sequel to the Bloons Super Monkey. Here is what Ninja Kiwi guys wrote about the game:
    New Games! It wouldn't be Ninja Kiwi without regular new awesome games. We have been working for many months on a sequel to Bloons Super Monkey and we're proud to announce that it will be out soon. Apart from being unbelievably awesome in its own right, the game will of course come with its own full suite of achievements just waiting to be got for you and your clan's glory! In addition we have 2 other major, major projects slated for release this year.
    ~ http://ninjakiwi.com/blog/news/5590-new-site-getting-more-awesomer-every-day
    Special thanks to E360 for the link.

Bloons TD 5

  • Out favorite weekly updated and events like Double Monkey Money, Double XP, or All Agents as Pro have probably gone.
  • Some changes and bug fixes in the Co-op Mode of BTD5 have been made include a partially de-randomised freeplay for a Co-op consistency, a fixed earning of the reverse medals and a better stability. Other game changes have been also made in the game such as simplified Ceramics in freeplay to reduce lag or minor fixes for sound and tracks.

Bloons Wiki

  • Around 119 000 visitors in last 7 days.
  • Bloons Wiki is in the top 5000 list of wikis rated by Wikia Activity Monitor. I checked the list several times, and we always had a position around 250th-300th place. Thanks to all our loyal contributors who have been helping us and also to our visitors who have been looking for help on our pages.
  • We don't currently have a person who cares of the local news. I make a new post when something important happens, but – as many of you know – I have a job and I don't have as much time for the wiki as I would like to have, so if you want to be our News Moderator, then let us know in the blog post comments. I think that even 2 or 3 persons could care of the news if there are more interested persons here.
  • I would like to propose some changes in local user rights on Bloons Wiki. It looks like staff guys have been working on the fixing of Recent changes patrol feature, and I would like to create a group of local Patrollers on our wiki (± 5 persons) who would be able to mark helpful contributions as "patrolled" so other people wouldn't have to check the same contributions again. These guys would be some kind of a local "Bloons Wiki police" whose activity would be mainly about checking of the Recent Changes, so rather "people who want to fight with the vandalism" than "big editors" are needed for this task. I will start a public discussion with more details about this topic soon, however if you are interested in being the Bloons Wiki Patroller, feel free to mention your name in the comments of this blog post.

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Spike144 (talk | guestbook) 09:10, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

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