Spike144 Spike144 28 January 2014

Two Years on the Wiki

Hi all,

Even if blog posts haven't been much needed since our forum was opened, I would like to write this one. Today, it have been two years since I joined Bloons Wiki. The wiki has been growing fast thanks to all our contributors, and even to our visitors (134.2K visitors last week). More visitors means a better position in web search engines, and the better position in web search engines means even more visitors and editors, so thanks to all of you.

Have a nice year,

14:01, January 28, 2014 (UTC)
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Spike144 Spike144 31 July 2013

Risk of playing on unofficial servers


I would like to warn you about the risk of playing the NK games on the unofficial servers:

It is possible to find NK games on some unofficial servers, but when you play them, it can damage your saved data!

For example, if you play Bloons TD 5 on some website where they have an older version of the game that doesn't have a Jungle track implemented, you can lose your medals earned on the track. You can also find BTD5 versions on the internet that don't have a co-op mode implemented at all, or even specialty buildings, and it can be very unpleasant to lose all your co-op medals or specialty buildings. You can also lose a progress in some achievement, if the achievement isn't implemented in the older version of the game you played.

BTW, you…

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Spike144 Spike144 15 July 2013

Monkey Race event


I would like to announce a new event called Monkey Race. The event is for 4-8 people. It is a kind of a board game. Each player controls one monkey, and the goal is to be the first person who gets the monkey from the start to the finish.

The first experimental wave of this event takes place on the forum as Monkey Race 1. If you want to join, then just write "I'm joining" to that forum thread.

Complete rules of the event can be found on Bloons Wiki:Monkey Race.

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Spike144 Spike144 20 April 2013

Bloons Wiki News - April 20, 2013

Hello people,

Nothing big has happened in the last weeks, so this news post will be more about the wiki future.

  • We can look forward to new Ninja Kiwi games including a sequel to the Bloons Super Monkey. Here is what Ninja Kiwi guys wrote about the game: Special thanks to E360 for the link.

  • Out favorite weekly updated and events like Double Monkey Money, Double XP, or All Agents as Pro have probably gone.
  • Some changes and bug fixes in the Co-op Mode of BTD5 have been made include a partially de-randomised freeplay for a Co-op consistency, a fixed earning of the reverse medals and a better stability. Other game changes have been also made in the game such as simplified Ceramics in freeplay to reduce lag or minor fixes for sound and tracks.

  • Around 11…

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Spike144 Spike144 30 March 2013

Bloons Wiki News - March 30, 2013

Hi people,

It has been a long time since a last news was posted here, however nothing important happened … until the big upgrade on Bloons TD 5 this week …

  • People who play Bloons TD 5 iOS received a great Monkey Engineer tower to their favorite game.

  • Bloons TD 5 got a big upgrade: Now, people can collaborate in a Co-op Mode. Two players play together on one track, one player places his towers on the left side of the map, while the other player places his towers on the right side of the map. An income from popped bloons and an income from finished rounds is divided, and both players get a half, no matter who popped more bloons. Players can also send money to their team-mate, or ask for monkey if they think they need it, and both players can ch…

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