This is an new game that an fan named ShinkaPlant will create, It'll have Lots of Bloons, Bosses, Maps, Heroes, Towers, and most of old features from all the Bloons games (excepts the Power-up Bloons), The release date is unknown, but will have Bloons from BTDX as well as Plasma Monkey and Bosses from BTDX.

What will it Crossover with?

It'll Crossover with Macgyver (2016), Adventure Times, and possibly an Paw Patrol, The Lookout, Map and inside the Phoenix Foundation Map type, also will have permission of Fanmade Maps, Heroes, and Towers, as well as Bloons.


  • Tokens and Monkey Lab
  • Special Agents
  • Building of Towers (Hint: It costs Monkey Money)
  • Old BTD5 Towers (Including your favorie sucking tower: Bloonchipper!)
  • Old Maps
  • Old Bloons (BTD4 Camo Bloons and Orange Bloon)
  • 6th Tiers (5-6-5; Limits of 2-6-2, 5-2-2, 2-2-5) (not 6-6-6, because it'll may be offinse to some people)
  • Monkey Beacon
  • Old Upgrades from past games
  • Some Upgrades of Towers will be either replaced or Combined
  • Will be on Mobile Decives and Computer Desktops
  • Some Towers Nerfs will be gone, but Buffs will be with them
  • Bosses
  • Tiger Bloons & White Tiger Bloons will be there as well
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