There could be some interesting new MK that could make for some spicy new changes in gameplay:

  • Double Ranga (Primary MK, requires Long Turbo, 10 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – Glaive Lord now shoots two boomerangs at once.
    • Would make for some spicy way to incorporate some of the old Premium Upgrades into BTD6 while being not too OP. It would make Glaive Lord that much stronger, especially combined with the new shred-from-first-bloon mechanic, but it's not going to be that OP overall considering the high pricetag of both the MK and the Glaive Lord. It will shred BADs pretty well now, but not really much power for all the other rounds.
  • Tack Awesomizer (Primary MK, requires Mega Mauler, Long Turbo, and Violent Impact, 10 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon500) – All tacks from Tack Shooters gain +1 pierce. Does not affect fire attacks or blades.
    • Probably very powerful, maybe more powerful than the Naval Upgrades MK from Military. But it's down in the deeper MK, which balances it out, I guess.
    • Does not affect Ring of Fire, Inferno Ring, or Upper Path 2, which fits into the whole concept of awesomizing the pure Tack Shooter.
    • Might make Tack Sprayer OP with MK, but it is pretty pricy MK, so it's worth every buck to me.
  • Viral Frost (Primary MK, requires Hypothermia, 10 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – Non-frozen bloons touched by other bloons frozen by Absolute Zero become popped frozen.
    • It's one of those nostalgia comebacks. It's like Viral Frost upgrade from BTD5, but every time a non-frozen bloon touches a bloon frozen by Absolute Zero, it becomes frozen and pops with one damage. Only affects regular bloons.
  • Even Bigger Bombs (Primary MK, requires Increased Lifespan, 5 MK unlocks, no Monkey Money required) – Bigger Bombs pops +6 more bloons.
    • Pierce bonus also stacks on top of its subsequent upgrades.
  • Target Training (Military MK, requires Budget Batteries, 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon500) – Mortar Monkeys can reposition targeting while the target recticle is moving.
    • Gives a new perspective to Mortar micro without overpowering the tower itself.
    • Credits to whoever mentioned this idea on Reddit; now I totally want it in the game.
  • Monkey Tycoon (Military MK, requires Military Conscription and Advanced Logistics, 14 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – Trade Empire allows towers in range to sell for 97% of the original price.
    • Would be too OP to make nearby towers sell for 100% full, but it's still higher than the 95% sell cap that usually happens with Favored Trades.
  • Splodey Darts (Military MK, requires Breaking Ballistic, becomes new requirement for Quad Burst [in turn needing BloonjaminsIcon500 instead], 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon250) – Darts from Ballistic Missile explode upon projectile expiry.
    • Explosions have 12 range, 5 pierce, 1 damage, and cannot pop Black Bloons.
    • Would add a nice twist to the original Splodey Darts without making it too OP, as it just doesn't seem balanced if it were to be given to the Dart Monkey.
  • Hotter Cooldowns (Military MK, requires Sub Admiral, 14 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – Energizer decreases ability cooldowns of all towers on screen by 10% more.
    • Another cool twist with Premium Upgrades in BTD5.
  • The Bigger One (Military MK, requires Budget Batteries, 14 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – The Big One deals +1 damage and stuns bloons for 0.25 more seconds.
    • Someone else suggested an MK with the name "The Bigger One", but I reckon this could be what The Bigger One MK should do.
  • Dreadnought (Military MK, requires Faster Takedowns, 4 MK unlocks, no Monkey Money required) – Hot Shot grapes have +1 pierce.
    • The original Dreadnought was just adding popping of Frozen and Lead, but Hot Shot already does that, so I suppose it would be better to only add the bonus of +1 pierce to the Hot Shot attacks instead.
  • We Accept All (Magic MK, requires Strike Down the False, 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon500) – We accept all.
    • Basically, this will allow Sun Temples to accept all sacrifice categories. Powerful, but it's only practical in epic late game.
  • Shadow Doubles (Magic MK, requires Deadly Tranquility, 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – Grants Grand Saboteur with an activated ability that creates a neighboring temporary shadow double for every Ninja Monkey below Tier 5 on screen for 10 seconds. Cooldown of 60 seconds.
    • Does not duplicate Bloon Sabotage abilities though.
    • Would be pretty cool to see a comeback of the BTD5 Ninja Academy somehow.
    • Damage counts of spawned shadow doubles will add to the respective Ninja Monkey's total damage count.
  • Unstable Handling (Magic MK, requires Strong Tonic, 4 MK unlocks, no Monkey Money required) – Unstable Concoction's concoction potions have +1 pierce.
    • Might seem small, but it gives every little bit of extra pierce to Unstable Concoction chemical concoction potions.
  • Bigger Beacons (Support MK, requires To Arms!, 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon500) – Call to Arms and Homeland Defense upgrades give the Village itself with extra range.
    • Here, the Call to Arms upgrade will add +5 range to itself, while Homeland Defense would add another +5 range on top. Isn't it neat that bigger beacons are really this influential? Maybe not as overpowered compared to BTD5, but it's an extra.
  • Super Value Mines (Support MK, requires Hi-Value Mines, 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – Super Mines upgrade costs 15% less.
  • Five-Dollar Efficiency (Support MK, requires Better Sell Deals, Big Traps, Super Value Mines, and Veteran Monkey Training, 12 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – Base costs and upgrades from all Monkeys are lowered by exactly $5.
    • Might seem insignificant, but it can make a huge difference in the game, especially Half Cash.
    • Reminiscent of some of the Monkey Tycoon's Monkey Knowledge Packs bonuses, but at a much lesser effect.
  • Improved Bows (Heroes MK, no prerequisites) – Quincy's projectiles move 25% faster.
    • Nothing gets past his bow! Plus, we need an MK that improves specific heroes, rather than just plain old generic MK that applies to all Heroes.
  • Hot Fire (Heroes MK, requires Improved Bows) – Gwendolin's fire afterburn lasts for 3 more seconds.
    • Would be kind of useful, although not really useful until Level 7, when afterburn is unlocked for her.
  • CPU Upgrades (Heroes MK, requires Quick Hands and Self-Taught Heroes, 3 MK unlocks, no Monkey Money required) – Benjamin's Trojan attack cooldown is reduced by 0.25s.
    • Trojan is kind of slow, and it could do with a little bit of extra attack speed.
  • Fire At Will! (Heroes MK, requires Ability Mastery, 3 MK unlocks, no Monkey Money required) – At Level 20, activating the Artillery Command ability allows Striker Jones to attack 25% faster and deal +1 damage for 10 seconds.
    • Kind of a handy MK for visually showing the duration of the Level 20 Artillery Command.
  • Louder Roaring (Heroes MK, requires Empowered Heroes, 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon500) – Pat's Rallying Roar ability has a +5 larger influence range.
    • Useful, considering Pat himself has a rather low range.
  • Mightiest Slapping (Heroes MK, requires Louder Roaring, 8 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon1000) – At Level 20, Pat deals +1 damage per slap and stuns affected bloons for 0.5s longer and MOAB-class bloons for 0.25s longer.
    • Not very powerful, but it's still pretty useful, I reckon.
  • Spiritual Wrath (Heroes MK, requires Hot Fire, 3 MK unlocks, no Monkey Money required) – At Level 2+, Obyn's wolf spirits have +1 pierce. At Level 11+, they gain +3 pierce instead.
  • Anti-MOAB Magic (Heroes MK, requires Spiritual Wrath, 3 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon250) – Ezili's main attack and damage-over-time deals +1 damage versus MOAB-class.
  • Enhanced Sunlight (Heroes MK, requires Spiritual Wrath, 3 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon250) – Ball of Light ability lasts 0.5s more seconds per level, starting from Level 10.
    • You don't see Adora getting any buffs or nerfs as of the time this blog was written, but this MK looks promising as a somewhat useful MK.
  • Extra Barrage (Heroes MK, requires Fire At Will!, 3 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon250) – Churchill's MOAB Barrage ability has 3 more missiles.
    • Every little barrage helps.
  • High Energy Totems (Powers MK, requires Ambush Tech, 3 MK unlocks, BloonjaminsIcon500) – Energizing Totem provides an additional +10% attack speed and lasts one more round before fully discharged.
    • Energizer Totem is kind of meh to me. Seeing as there is no specific MK for Energizing Totem makes me want to imagine some new MK for it.
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