14th June 2019 Race Solution Qwertyxp2000

For June 14th 2019’s Race Event, start with a 001 Ice Monkey going towards 011 and 012. Race a few rounds to Round 5 or so. Add a 000 Sub at the bottom-left corner of the top triangle lake and put on Strong. Race a bit more. Possibly get an Alch targeting towards the Ice Monkey to neutralise the negative frozen property (which I did). Get Gwen ASAP. Put somewhere sensible, maybe the middle like I did, but maybe more near the start. Once her cocktail ability is available and off initial cooldown, activate it immediately then race up to Round 30 or so. Then go for 400 Sub immediately ASAP, and start selling the 012 Ice Monkey beforehand immediately prior to that purchase. Then start getting Berserker Brew for the Reactor, nearby. Put lots of 010 Druids around the map, preferably near Gwen who should be Level 4+ by now. Once there are a good amount of 010 Druids, send past Round 40. Get some Ice Shards and/or Embrittlement (I think only Ice Shards was necessary in that case), then get Hearts if Thunder to activate the huge Ice Sharding business. Add a Semi Automatic or better for more quick poppings.

I got a 5:14:18 time for the current run.

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