Here is a list of "speed quantities" that I have graded based on the rate of attack speed dispensing (Note: lower end is inclusive, upper end is non-inclusive):

Grade Attack Speed Examples
Extremely Slow (>6.0s) MOAB Press (knockback kylie), Berserker Brew (brew), Stronger Stimulant (brew), Acidic Mixture Dip (dip), Unstable Concoction (concoction potions)
Very Slow (3.0s-6.0s) Permaspike, Super Mines, Sticky Bomb (sticky bomb)
Slow (2.0s-3.0s) Caltrops, Flash Bomb (stun bomb), Heart of Thunder (lightning), Druid of the Storm (tornado)
Moderately Slow (1.2s-2.0s) Spike-O-Pult, Grape Shot (grapes), Enhanced Freeze, Bomber Ace (bombs), Ballistic Missile (missile)
Moderate (0.9s-1.2s) Even Faster Production, Rapid Reload, Cryo Cannon, Juggernaut
Moderately Fast (0.6s-0.9s) Icicle Impale, Faster Shooting and Faster Shooting
Fast (0.4s-0.6s) Artillery Battery, Bloonjitsu, Even Faster Shooting, Overdrive
Very Fast (0.2s-0.4s) Triple Guns, Glue Hose, Bionic Boomer, Arcane Spike, The Tack Zone, The Bloon Solver
Super Fast (0.1s-0.2s) Dragon's Breath, Triple Guns, Bionic Boomer, Full Auto Rifle, Sub Commander, Archmage
Extremely Fast (<0.1s) Plasma Blasts, Elite Defender, Turbo Charge, Perma Charge, Flying Fortress, Sun Temple, True Sun God
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