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  • I live in Cold Island
  • My occupation is playing the musical keyboard and editing wikis
  • I am a male Rare Deedge
  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    There could be some interesting new MK that could make for some spicy new changes in gameplay:

    • Double Ranga (Primary MK, requires Long Turbo, 10 MK unlocks, 1000) – Glaive Lord now shoots two boomerangs at once.
      • Would make for some spicy way to incorporate some of the old Premium Upgrades into BTD6 while being not too OP. It would make Glaive Lord that much stronger, especially combined with the new shred-from-first-bloon mechanic, but it's not going to be that OP overall considering the high pricetag of both the MK and the Glaive Lord. It will shred BADs pretty well now, but not really much power for all the other rounds.
    • Tack Awesomizer (Primary MK, requires Mega Mauler, Long Turbo, and Violent Impact, 10 MK unlocks, 500) – All tacks fr…
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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    For June 14th 2019’s Race Event, start with a 001 Ice Monkey going towards 011 and 012. Race a few rounds to Round 5 or so. Add a 000 Sub at the bottom-left corner of the top triangle lake and put on Strong. Race a bit more. Possibly get an Alch targeting towards the Ice Monkey to neutralise the negative frozen property (which I did). Get Gwen ASAP. Put somewhere sensible, maybe the middle like I did, but maybe more near the start. Once her cocktail ability is available and off initial cooldown, activate it immediately then race up to Round 30 or so. Then go for 400 Sub immediately ASAP, and start selling the 012 Ice Monkey beforehand immediately prior to that purchase. Then start getting Berserker Brew for the Reactor, nearby. Put lots of…

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    I personally would request including additional Pre-Round Comments than simply the currently existing round descriptions. I reckon a bit more of these pre-round comments could be expanded upon.

    New suggestions are italicized.

    (I will do BTD6 ABR later)

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    Here is a list of "speed quantities" that I have graded based on the rate of attack speed dispensing (Note: lower end is inclusive, upper end is non-inclusive):

    Grade Attack Speed Examples
    Extremely Slow (>6.0s) MOAB Press (knockback kylie), Berserker Brew (brew), Stronger Stimulant (brew), Acidic Mixture Dip (dip), Unstable Concoction (concoction potions)
    Very Slow (3.0s-6.0s) Permaspike, Super Mines, Sticky Bomb (sticky bomb)
    Slow (2.0s-3.0s) Caltrops, Flash Bomb (stun bomb), Heart of Thunder (lightning), Druid of the Storm (tornado)
    Moderately Slow (1.2s-2.0s) Spike-O-Pult, Grape Shot (grapes), Enhanced Freeze, Bomber Ace (bombs), Ballistic Missile (missile)
    Moderate (0.9s-1.2s) Even Faster Production, Rapid Reload, Cryo Cannon, Juggernaut

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    What do you want to be buffed/nerfed in Version 11.0? Here are my suggestions:

    Dart Monkey
    • Crossbow Master with Path 1 upgrades now adds +5 pierce per Path 1 upgrade, instead of +1 for Sharp Shots and +2 on top for Razor Sharp Shots.
    • Plasma Monkey Fan Club now affects more Dart Monkeys (40 --> 50)
    • Ultra Juggernaut main mega juggernaut now deals pressure damage like Kylie Boomerangs.

    Besides PMFC + TT, PMFC doesn't seem to be used very often. Crossbow Master with Path 1 upgrades are a total joke for how much pierce comes with by default; +33% attack speed far outweighs the petty amount of pierce gain.

    Ultra Juggernaut is quite underutilized due to how it barely struggles against Rounds 63 for a really high price and becomes useless against Super …

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