So,when I was playing Bloons Tower Defense 6 a few days ago,the update came out.And well,I think its pretty good.But,with the update,I lost my saved 2832$ in Monkey Money.Now,I would play maps to get more,but now I realized something.In order to get max Monkey Knolegde,you need to beat every map in the game with easy,primary,and deflation.Whyis this such a big deal?That means the game is now WAYYYYY more farm-heavy.For those that have already gotten max Monkey Knowledge,good job.Now the others have to suffer.I lost all my saved monkey money,and I lost a lot of the fun in the somebody tell me something that I can do?Because this is veryy irratating.I can understand if Hero Monkey Knowledge requires money,but even still,its very unbalanced.Does anybody else agree?

(In case you were wondering,I lost all my monkey money after the update,thats why its called a bug)

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