Idea for Mastery: Beat all gamemodes on a map and then you can choose to play the standard or other difficulties as well to earn more Monkey Money. Example: Lets say you beat every gamemode on a map- you unlock mastery for it. There could ba a switch to mastery on the difficulty selection screen, which does BTD5-like effects to gameplay. Fortified bloons will not count as ranks, and a few will just go up on their armor (Example: fleads->double health flead, fmoab->fbfb). BADs are going to appear enmass... but what about round 100’s BAD? That could be shrouded in mystery- either 5 appear, or a new, more terrifying bloon pops up. And no, it isn’t the ghost bloon- it could be a far more titanic, feared, hellish, and ever-so bulky bloon. Round 200, you may ask? You might want your biggest supply of sanity, and to use most of it to even try. How have MOAB class bloons improved in power since the start if the series? Lemme think of a MOAB as like the price of a dart monkey. the fortified BFB is like bionic arm. Fortified ZOMGs would be like Maim MOAB. DDTs is like the extra income from 0-3+-2 banks. BADs would be like Crossbow masters in cost. FBADs are like homeland defenses. all of these examples really depend on the cost and health of the upgrades and MOABs respectively. Last realistic one: DHMOABs FBAD is like an anti- uhh, monkey? Conception blimp (what i’ll call this sheer monster as a placeholder, aka CB). It’s also kind of like an anti-bloon pricey thing. An FCB is like the legend of the night, and a DHMOABs FCB... is the true sun god. No, seriously- I could set this beast to 100k hp, double it twice and end up with 400k! This seems to be a bit of a nonsensical and childish part of my ideas anyways. Anyhow, natural DDTs become boosted to IVSPs (impure vessel(s) of sinister perfection). Imagine a fortified BFB with DDT properties and 3 DDT children (no other moabs). 33% of natural BFBs will become DDTs (yes, ZOMG and DDT on round 65)!

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