aka MikpinRYB#2015 on discord

  • I live in special place in hell
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is lazyass
  • I am femalen't
  • MikpinRYB

    Idea for Mastery: Beat all gamemodes on a map and then you can choose to play the standard or other difficulties as well to earn more Monkey Money. Example: Lets say you beat every gamemode on a map- you unlock mastery for it. There could ba a switch to mastery on the difficulty selection screen, which does BTD5-like effects to gameplay. Fortified bloons will not count as ranks, and a few will just go up on their armor (Example: fleads->double health flead, fmoab->fbfb). BADs are going to appear enmass... but what about round 100’s BAD? That could be shrouded in mystery- either 5 appear, or a new, more terrifying bloon pops up. And no, it isn’t the ghost bloon- it could be a far more titanic, feared, hellish, and ever-so bulky bloon. Round…

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