Hey everyone, Lol Limewire here! This blog post is the rebirth of Anomalous' Bloons Trivia Game. Me and AlthaBlade will be asking the questions in the comments whenever there are 3 people on chat that want to play. We will be asking questions related to Bloons (this includes Bloons TD and other games that have Bloons in them) most of the time and some non related questions. We will each ask 5 questions everytime there is a session.

Participation Requirements

  • Any user can participate but you must be registered user to be on the leaderboard.
  • Only me and AlthaBlade will ask the questions.
    • You can submit questions to us but you can't answer them. We will also give you credit for your question.
  • Only 1 guess per question.
  • You cannot withdraw your answer


Last updated: 05:01 January 2, 2013

Place User Points
1st SW8573 38
2nd Bloonstdfan360 28
3rd CyberGuy23 22
4th Wikiafan12345 7
5th Wackycreeper15 5
5th Meta07 5
5th Raindrop57 6
6th Iyreguy 3
7th War23334 1
7th Dy317 1


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