So after doing some well-deserved research and linking up of some of the item articles for BATTD, I found myself admiring the series again. Not saying that I will binge-watch it again, as I simply do not have the time or the means to do so. But from what I have seen from the Adventure Time Wikia compared to our related articles, I came to one conclusion:

Wow, BATTD is fan-servicey as heck!

I implore anyone reading this to check out the articles there and play a little game of "Spot the BATTD material". Lumpy Space Princess' final upgrade is in reference to the title of a whole episode. Mind Games is an item based completely on an episode. Some of the alternate versions of Heroes are designs not even used for a single episode. Many of the in-game sprites for the towers themselves bare uncanny resemblance to that Wikia's own pictures for the related characters. It's shocking how many characters and how many obscure details have been utilized, even as a casual viewer back in the day it's been a trip down memory lane and to see how the series wound up after I stopped watching.

I wonder how the game will expand from here then. Hopefully more Characters (obviously), especially those who can use Guns so I can stop passing them up on the Wish orb screen, or a universal buffing of pierce trinkets and weapons since that stat is so peripheral that it's embarrassing. Regardless, I eagerly wait to see where Bloons will take us next.

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