I am doing a tournament in Bloons TD 6 that involves every towers best fifth tiers. Some of the fifth tiers where randomly chosen because their ability was broken. I will list it with this symbol,*. I will be posting more blogs of this tournament in new stages, the next stage is king of each category. I will list the class below.

Dart Monkey, Crossbow master. Boomerang Monkey, Glave Lord* Bomb Tower, Bomb Blitz. Tack Shooter, Inferno Ring. Ice Tower, Absolute Zero(This one surprised me a lot). Glue Gunner, Bloon Solver. Sniper, Elite Defender. Sub, Preemptive Strike. Buccaneer, Airship Carrier. Monkey Ace, Flying Fortresses. Heli Pilot, Apache Prime(At first I thought it would be the Comanche Commander). Mortar Monkey, The Biggest One. Wizard Monkey, Archmage* Super Monkey, True Sun God(This is a VANILLA TRUE SUN GOD and it somehow made it into the spot). Ninja Monkey, Grandmaster Ninja. Alchemist, Bloon Master Alchemist. Druid, Spirit of the Forest(When I set it to 0 lives, the spirits vines don’t stop so I gave it the spot. Spike Factory, Perma Spike. Village, Primary Expertises(Yolo).

As you see, there is a lot of weird monkeys in here but keep in mind, this is based on popping power, not overall. If so, this would take weeks of research. I will be posting the king of each category later today. Bye for now!

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