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  • I live in Prattville
  • I was born on May 9
  • I am JOHN CENA!!!! (lol not really)
  • Haydensnake

    Hey guys! I just wanted to talk about some cool things about the Wizard Monkey in BTD6.

    1. Archmage and Wizard Lord - I personally think the Archmage upgrade might be a reference to the Wizard Lord from BTD5. Why? Because Archmage lets the Wizard Monkey use Dragon's Breath and Shimmer without buying the upgrades. The Wizard Lord was a 4/4 Monkey Apprentice. I think they just wanted to add in a cool little easter egg for the players who played BTD5.
    2. Shimmer's Bright Secret - Do you want to know something ironic? The Shimmer upgrade. It's called Shimmer, but it's dark magic. Pretty ironic, eh?

    That's all I had for now. *insert cool outro here*

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  • Haydensnake

    We need more transparent PNG artwork for heroes. It's really hard for some people to find artwork for heroes at certain levels, and the artwork isn't even on the wiki. Please, if you can, upload them if they're not on the wiki. Some things include:

    1. Pat Fusty's artwork at different levels.
    2. The same, but Ezili.
    3. The same, but for Benjamin.
    4. Hero skin artwork for the base and different levels.
    6. Ezili skin artwork

    Remember, it is prefered that these are transparent PNGs.

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