Dart Monkey

Spike-o-Pult balls weigh about 20 lb. Juggernauts weigh 100 times more. Juggernaut balls have lead tips for smashing bloons fast. SMFC and PMFC are fictitious, though. Ultra-Juggernaut weighs 20 thousand pounds, compared to Juggernaut's 2000. Longer Range and Enhanced Eyesight are just ups in visual acuity and for Enhanced Eyesight, also contrast sensitivity. The archery upgrades are just ordinary crossbows from mideval days.

Tack Shooter

  • Faster Shooting: Just better circuitry, and also more tacks.
  • Even Faster Shooting: Even better circuitry, and even more tacks.
  • Hot Shots: Tacks are blowtorched before coming out.
  • RoF: Propane and thermite are pumped out ignited by an internal 2000 degrees F blowtorch inside of a tungsten chamber.
  • Inferno: Propane and thermite levels rise ASTRONOMICALLY, as blowtorch increases to 3500 degrees F. Can also shoot a ball of thermite at a bloon with a guided cannon.
  • Long Range: Tacks just fly out at 75 mph opposed to 40 mph.
  • Super Range: Tacks fly out at 120 mph.
  • Blade Shooter: Throws blades like a bionic frisbee.
  • Blade Maelstrom Ability: Throws a ton of blades with a bunch of bionic arms.
  • Super Maelstrom Ability: Arms can now carry multiple blades.
  • More Tacks: Just more tack guns inside.
  • Even More Tacks: Just even more tack guns inside.
  • Tack Sprayer: Just even more internal tack guns.
  • Overdrive: Tack guns stack to fit all of them.
  • The Tack Zone: Tacks secretly replaced with bullets. Guns are replaced by twin guns.

Sniper Monkey

Sniper Monkey is a monkey with a scope and a rifle shooting .2" bullets traveling at Mach 6.

  • Full Metal Jacket: Bullets are at .35 traveling at Mach 9.
  • Large Caliber/Point Five Oh: Bullets are at .5, traveling at Mach 9.
  • Deadly Presicion: Bullets are at .55, traveling at Mach 14.
  • Maim MOAB/BTD5 Cripple MOAB: Bullets are magnetic with a charge of .5 Gauss. Caliber: .6. Speed: Mach 15
  • Cripple MOAB: Bullets are 10x more magnetic and have a caliber of .63. Speed: Mach 20
  • Faster Firing: Monkey muscles have a faster reaction time.
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