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  1. Awakening
  2. The Battle
  3. Hidden Attack
  4. Mystery Guardian
  5. A Strange Day At School
  6. The First Of Many
  7. Downstream
  8. Despair
  9. Some Secrets Revealed
  10. The Engineer's Workshop
  11. Chipper Machine
  12. Blessing of the Monkey God
  13. Chapter 13 - A Magical Hat
  14. Chapter 14 - Apache Glaveship


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Main Characters

Justin - A fourteen year old bionic boomer who had been in a coma for over a year, no one has told him what caused him to be in a coma for that long.

Chapter 1 - Awakening

Chapter 1

I had been in a coma for over a year. I've gone from thirteen to fourteen. It is the fifth day since I woke up, yesterday, my body was paralysed from head to toe, today I had total control over myself, glaring at the hospital lights, I slowly sat up and looked at my hands, one was silver and metallic in appearance, the other one looked perfectly normal. I tried to move my fingers, around, my right hand seemed awfully stiff, I began moving my arms and making some small waving motions, my right arm felt stiff too, it felt weird compared to my left arm, I didn't get what was wrong, I lay down on the hospital bed again and fell asleep.

I eventually learnt that my right arm was fully mechanical! Nobody told me the reason why I ended up in a coma but apparently, I had severe cuts, lacerations, burns, they said it was fortunate that they only had to amputate my right arm and replace it with a bionic arm. They still inserted several features in it so that it would act like a regular human arm. I had full control over the arm, I don't know how but I could feel things but the doctors claimed to have inserted sensory neurochips all over my arm to replace the sensory receptors of the typical human arm. It's hard to believe that I can finally walk after just three weeks from waking up.

It had been two months since my awakening, I was finally out of hospital and into my own house. I had yet to know why I had been in a coma, even my parents refused to tell me why. Anyway, some monkey engineers have been testing out some new techonology on my bionic arm, they attached this weird box-like thing with wires attaching to my arm, when I tried throwing glaives with it, it would throw at a very quick pace. One night when I had dinner with my parents, I heard some screams outside.

"What on earth is that noise out there?" questioned Mum, I stared out of the window, several black and white bloons were attacking Main Street. I ran into my room and grabbed my glaive.

"Justin, don't you go outside, you still need some time with us." stated Mum.

"I'm already better Mum, can't you just allow me to do what I used to do?"

My Mum glared at me for a few seconds before replying with a gentle "Ok, but don't come back home too late."

With that out of the way, I dashed outside to prepare to fight some bloons, it had been a year since I've fought bloons, tonight would be a good time to relive what I used to do as a typical glaive thrower, only with an additional bionic arm.

Chapter 2 - The Battle

Chapter 2

This was the first time I had battled in a year. I gotta admit, I was really rusty. When I went outside, I saw a white bloon, and I completely missed it with my glaive.

"Wow, I can't even hit a bloon." I muttered to myself.

As I kept battling the bloons, I got better and could pop many bloons with one throw of my glaive. Once all of the white and black bloons had been popped, I started to head back to my house. It was almost sunset, and the battle had lead me far away from my house, so I decided to take a shortcut back to my house. The shortcut involved going around a pond.

"This shortcut won't be too dangerous, almost no one goes near the pond." I thought to myself.

I quickly ran beside the pond and I heard a metallic screeching sound beside me. I looked to where the sound was coming from and saw about 20 lead bloons surrounding me.

"Oh no! I forgot to heat my glaive up!" I exclaimed.

The lead bloons were closing in on me. I had no glaive that could pop lead bloons, and I didn't know what to do. I had to think of something before it was too late!

I quickly ran towards the lead bloons. They tried to get me but as they were made of lead, they were really slow. I jumped onto one of them and used it as a springboard to bounce over the rest of the lead bloons. I rolled before I landed, and quickly ran back to my house.

"Where were you!!!!" Mum exclaimed! "Didn't I tell you not to be gone too long!!!"

I told Mum my story. I told here about everything, the battle with the white and black bloons, the shortcut I took, and the lead bloon encounter. She wasn't pleased with me.

"Next time don't take any shortcuts! You never know what could happen..." Mum grimaced, as if she was thinking about something that had happened.

"Mum, why have you become sad all of a sudden? Is there a story you want to tell me?" I asked.

"Well... alright." Mum said. "One day I was walking around near the outskirts of the city. I was on a shopping trip, looking in lots of shops to see if I could find ingredients for cooking that I never saw in any other shops. I walked to every shop, and I found tons of ingredients that would help me make amazing meals. When I was done, I started walking home, but I was so burdened with luggage, I decided to go through an allyway that was a lot shorter compared to the way I took to get to the shops. In the ally, I got ambushed by lots zebra bloons. I really thought I couldn't escape, but luckily, your Dad came and popped them all. This was how I met your Dad."

"Wow, no wonder you didn't want me to go." I muttered.
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Chapter 3 - Hidden Attack

Chapter 3

One week later I woke up to go to school at the Boomerang Dojo. It's where all the Boomerang Throwers and Glaive Throwers went in hopes that one day they might be powerful Glaive Lords and help protect the Monkey Town from destruction. Dad suggested that I go back. Mum didn't like the idea at first but eventually she agreed. I was really looking forward to going back to school and seeing my friends again. As I walked out the door Mum stopped me.

“Be careful Justin, don't do anything dangerous. Don't try to fight any bloons unless they are green or less.”

“I'll be fine, Mum,” I said.

I walked out the door and jumped onto my bike. It was a little bit harder to ride now that my bionic arm was twice the size of my other arm but I managed. I turned out of Main Street and onto Monkey Lane when I fell off of my bike. When I hit the ground I heard a pop. I looked but I couldn't find any bloons in sight. I couldn't see anything moving except for the giant windmill a short distance away. Suddenly I felt something brush past my bionic arm. Rubber. But as I looked again I couldn't see any bloons anywhere. Yet I was certain that I had felt something.

I called out, “Is anyone there?”

When all I heard was the wind I shrugged and picked up my bike. As I started to ride again I was knocked off of my bike by something rubbery. I panicked. I couldn't see anything yet I knew that I hadn't fallen off of my bike for a second time. Something clicked inside my head. What had they told us last year before I had had my coma?

“Be aware of camo bloons. These bloons are quite annoying as being a Glaive Lord is the only way for you to detect them on your own. In the meantime, if you are faced with some, I'd suggest that you get near a Meerkat Spy. Those guys can help you and other towers see them.”

I released that I must be facing some now. I turned in a 360° circle to look for any clue which could show where these bloons were. I found none. I felt the bloons close around me. I tried to reach my glaive but I couldn't. The bloons were too close. The last thing I remember before I blacked out was the sound of popping bloons.

Chapter 4 - Mystery Guardian

Chapter 4

Watching the camo bloons move in, a lone figure, just as invisible, tightens his grip on the handle of a dart, then whirls to the ground nearby. Still unseen, both the camo bloons and the new character stand off. The figure notices Justin black out, ambushed by camo bloons, then shoots the bloons with a concealed pistol, popping each in turn. Walking slowly over, the figure decloaks, revealing a monkey wearing a watch, a military hat, two swords across his back, and multiple darts attached to an ammo belt.

"Hear me now, bloons. I have not come here purely to destroy you. This boy will be important for me and my comrades in future, so he is under my protection. Leave, now."

Two of the camo bloons rotate slightly, appearing to converse, before every bloon swarms towards the newcomer. A particularly unlucky Camo Zebra is first to be destroyed, almost instantly. Some of the bloons draw back in alarm at the sight.

"Do not test me."

A camo ceramic, the toughest camo bloon known to exist, charges at the military monkey, only to be slashed in half by one of his swords. This time all the bloons draw back in alarm. The monkey starts hurling darts almost as fast as a dartling gun can fire, popping quite a few yellow bloons instantly, before the monkey is swarmed by the remaining bloons. The monkey simply starts slashing them, destroying many a bloon before they can even get to him. In about 3 minutes, the massive horde, once with an RBE equivalent of almost 13033 bloons, is reduced to a measley 50 RBE. The remaining bloons look around at their fallen comrades, the military monkey, and Justin, then make a collective decision. They float for their lives, but are shot down quickly. Only 1 red bloon is left standing, paralysed as the monkey walks close to it. When in arms reach, the monkey stops.

"Send this message to the bloon overlord."

The red bloon floats slightly higher for a second in understanding.

"Do not come here again."

The said red bloon repeats the previous action, then floats almost twice as fast as a pink bloon away from the monkey. The monkey turns to look at Justin.

"I know you cannot hear me, but at least understand me. You are under protection by the Elite."

The monkey then turns to his watch.

"Mission accomplished. Can I return to base now?"

"Request accepted, Edge."

Edge slowly fades out of view, just in time to avoid being seen by Justin, who finally recovered.
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Chapter 5 - A Strange Day At School

Chapter 5

After the Camo Bloon attack, I rode the rest of the way to school. I held my glaive in my hand, in case anymore Camo Bloons came, even though the chance of that was very unlikely and it was very uncomfortable. I was also wondering who that hidden figure was who saved me.

At school, my friends were happy to see me again, after I had been in a coma since the second week of school last year. The teacher gave us a few lessons on how to to hold and throw a boomerang or glaive. Then the teacher sent out a few weak red, blue, and green Bloons to test out our skills. Everyone started popping the practice Bloons.

While all this was going on, I was standing at the front of the room, near the teacher. As I threw a glaive at a red Bloon, I heard a strange sound. It sounded like ceramic scraping against a wall. Then the door opened and closed, but nothing appeared to be there. "It can't be... I thought." The Camo ceramic silently snuck to the front of the room where the teacher was.

"Teacher, look out!"

But it was too late. The Camo ceramic took the teacher and ran towards the door. I tried shooting at it with my glaives, and managed to pop it into two rainbows. One of the rainbows ran away with the teacher, while the other headed towards us. At this point, everyone else had also witnessed the event. Everyone started throwing glaives and boomerangs around the room. I saw a glaive narrowly fly past in front of me, and heard a pop sound. I then threw two glaives, and the two Camo zebras turned into one black, and 6 pinks. One pink knocked me down, but I was ready. I slashed at it with my glaive, and popped all 5 layers before it knocked me out. The other boomerang throwers and glaive throwers weren't so lucky. The pink Bloons caught them off guard. The pink Bloons knocked everyone else out. I thought it was hopeless, but I charged at the invisible Bloons and managed to pop them. Little did I know that this was only the first of the things that would happen in the next few days....

Chapter 6 - The First Of Many

Chapter 6

Since the teacher got stolen, we had no school until they found the missing teacher or got a replacement teacher. I went outside for a walk, because I had no other idea of what to do, and found myself back at the pond, where I almost got ambushed.

"Oh great, not this place again." I muttered to myself.

I quickly ran past the pond, not willing to revisit my old memories. I headed towards the marina, where all the boats were.

"This place is so relaxing." I spoke dreamily. "I could just stay here the whole day, and watch the clouds in the sky."

So I did just that, lying near the boats and looking at the clouds. I saw tons of wierd cloud shapes, like a boomerang, a Monkey Buccaneer, and a Regenerating bloon. At one point a shadow fell over the sky. I looked back to see where the shadow was coming from, and what I saw was a M.O.A.B., standing right behind me.

"Help!!!!" I shouted, and started running back to Main Street. Unfortunately, almost no one was at the marina, and the people who were there ran away, so no one came to my aid. The M.O.A.B. was following me, rapidly gaining speed on me. I saw a little nook in the ground, and quickly dove into it. The M.O.A.B. saw me dive in there, and waited outside until I came back out. I waited for a bit, and all of a sudden, I saw black streaks in the air speeding towards the M.O.A.B., and within a second, it was four ceramic bloons. I then saw two more silver blurs quickly slicing the ceramic bloons, and all of the bloons were gone. I checked outside and no one was there. It took me a minute to realize what just happened.

"It must have been the strange cloaked monkey who saved me before." I thought to myself. I quickly headed home, not excited at all of what I'll have to tell my parents.
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Chapter 7 - Downstream

Chapter 7

"A M.O.A.B!? You could have been killed!"

"But I got saved!"


My mom was more worried then mad at me about the Bloon Attack. My dad was just happy that I got saved. I put my glaive in my bionic arm and went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, a Regen pink Bloon snuck up to Justin's room. It decided to leave the glaive in his bionic arm so he wasn't as likely to wake up. Being the fastest type of Bloon, it got away quite quickly.

I woke up and found myself downstream, near the end of Snake River. I looked up and found that the military monkey was standing in front of me.

"I am Edge."

I've caught glimpses of my hidden guardian before, but I've never met him directly, until now.

"Exactly what happened that got me out here, anyway?"

"You got taken by a Regen Pink Bloon. It was about to throw you in the river.

"Could I go back home now?"

The distant sound of ceramics catches my attention.

"No. Not with these ceramics coming at us."

The ceramics appear on the horizon. Edge slices half of them instantly. The other half try to flee, but Edge's darts pop them all.

"Now you can go home."

I wonder what my parents will say this time...

Chapter 8 - Despair

Chapter 8

Today, I don't even dare entering my own home. Instead, I'm just wandering around the door, too scared to meet my Mom and Dad. But Mom spotted me through the window, so she went outside and shouted:


"Mom, I... I got captured by a Regen Pink Bloon and met some..."


Mom then rushed to me, and planted a little device on my Bionic Arm.

"Mom, what... what's this?!"

"A tractor... and controller!"

"Wait... WHAT?!"

"You've been to so much trouble! I can't stand letting you go whatever way you want anymore! So I must force you back home when you go somewhere dangerous!"



Mom then returned back home with a long sigh, when I tail her to get to the dinner table to have the most unpleasant dinner ever. Dad didn't ever bother talking to me, and just sigh all the time. Still, I can sense a small smile on his face, knowing that I've been saved yet again. Wait... is he holding a remote for my controller?! Aww.... f**k!

The next day, when I was walking along Main Street on the way to school, suddenly I see my classmates running panically everywhere. One of them ran past me and shout:


"What....what happened?!"


I then ignore the warning, then proceed to the school despite all the desperate students around me, not that I'm so hard-working I want school or anything, but because I want to know what's going on, and it seems the controller didn't force me back because my parents didn't think my school would be a dangerous place, and if I attempt to run back home it'll drag me to school anyway.

When I arrive at school, there was a huge shadow on it, so I look up to the sky and am terrified. What I see is a... Z.O.M.G.!!! I then look back at the school, just to find out that two thirds of it has been obliterated and there's blood and gore of my friends and teacher everywhere, the school is now technically a horrifying graveyard... with all the tombs broken!

I then panic and attempt to run back home, just to find 5 B.F.Bs blocking the way. I then attempt to take the opposite direction to run to nowhere, just to find 10 M.O.A.Bs. That's it, I'm surrounded by blimps! The blimps also kill everyone in their path, leaving blood and gore everywhere on their way as the cries of the monkeys engulf the whole city. I must be next....! The only thing on their way now is the very me! In a desperate shout, I call his name


"What is it?!"

Edge then appear from nowhere and hi-jump past the blimps and was about to land next to me. I thought it would be some Big Damn Hero moment, but no, 5 M.O.A.Bs and some Ceramic Bloons from last time, which just appears to "help" the blimps as if they needed any help at all, quickly attacked Edge and killed him almost instantly. As his blood drops on my head, I faint out of fear and despair.

..."It hurts! No... it hurts so much! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

I then suddenly wake up because of the unbearable pain, just to find my Bionic Arm crushed into pieces along with the tractor, and the Z.O.M.G. right in front of me...

Is this the end?

Chapter 9 - Some Secrets Revealed

Chapter 9

The Z.O.M.G. was just about to crush me when its propulsion system go off. I was so scared that I ran away before I could see who did it, I just knew that it had to be the Elite helping me.

I ran towards Main Street, where I could find the Monkey Engineer, I thought he could help me.

When I enter his garage he says: "Who are you? What's your ID?" and I anwser

"I have none." he then says:

"Great, then you are not a bloon-sent monkey."

"A bloon-sent monkey?"

"Yes, bloons are recruiting monkeys to help them, then they are sending them to the Monkey Town"

After some talking, he asks why I came here, I answer that I need to fix my Bionic arm.

"Hmm... Where did you break it?"

"Well... At the school some Z.O.M.G.'s and B.F.B.'s appeared and then someone blasted their propulsion systems..."

"Wow, wow. Say again? Z.O.M.G.'s? They must be searching for you. The Stealth Elite saved you."

"What? Why? What do I have that they need?"

"I don't know... Lem'me fix that arm anyways."

After he fixes my arm he adds something radioactive called Bloontonium into my Glaives.

"There, fixed, I've also added an option to turn your arm hypersonic for 10 seconds, use it wisely."

"Cool, thanks. Also, what is the Stealth Elite?"

"The Stealth Elite consists in stealthy monkeys such as the Ninja and the Sniper monkeys."

"Oh, ok."

"Where are you heading now?"

"I-I... I don't know... I'm afraid to go home..."

"You should. It's the best thing to do."


When I get home my mum was so happy to see me alive.

"Oh! Justin! You're alive!" - says mum

"What?" - says me

"The Monkey News said that a bloon attack occured in the school! I can't believe you survived! But why didn't you came home even if you knew that you should?!"

"Well... The tractor was not working."

"No problem! I just care that you are alive and perfect! Wait, if you stood in school, why are you not damaged?"

"Errr... In the school some Z.O.M.G.'s and B.F.B.'s attacked me and broke my bionic arm. Then someone called Edge sacrificed himself to save me. I've headed to the Engineer's Garage and asked him to fix my Bionic arm. After he fixed it he added Bloontonium to my glaives, then I've head back home."

Then my parents say: "Bloontonium? That's very rare and can only be obtained in the Bloontonium Lab. We need to go get that Engineer fast!"

When we get to the garage, it looks completely destroyed. Where is he now?

Chapter 10 - The Engineer's Workshop

Chapter 10

We searched around the remains, and there were nails everywhere - from 3 inch ones to 9 inch ones. There were also foams and traps on the ground. Suddenly, a scream came from behind. The Engineer's there!

There was blood everywhere, and rubber on the floor too, that have possibly been bloons popped by the monkeys. We were going to fight a MOAB! "Would you like some help?" I asked the Engineer.


My mum was a Bloonjistu Ninja, whilst my dad was a Master of Air. I threw a glaive right at the MOAB, but unfortunately I missed.

"Why don't you use your ability?" The engineer whispered to me.

Oh yeah! I used the ability, and my hand felt uncontrollable. It was throwing glaives at hypersonic speeds! The MOAB had been popped, and we started chatting. I had finally known that the engineer's name was George.

Suddenly, a dark and huge shadow hovered over us. Oh no!
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Chapter 11 - Chipper Machine

Chapter 11

Just as we turned around, a BFB appeared, larger than ever! It was bright red, with an anti-symbol on there, which made me feel even more hopeless. I was screaming for help. Just as the BFB was about to charge at me, it was sucked back by an enormous force that you can't imagine that you could stand. Meanwhile, the BFB was torn into pieces.

"What's that?" I thought. We rushed to have a look at what it was. It appears to be a machine-like thing with super wide funnel that can fit in our entire family. We were already frightened so much that we didn't even think before running home screaming for help.

It was sunset, and I opened up my Encyclopedia of Monkeys book which my mum just bought me. As I looked through the contents, something grabbed my attention - Bloontonium. I recall that my parents have told me some brief explanation of it, but I forgot about it totally. I searched through the book looking for it, and it said:

Bloontonium, a very rare substance that can only be obtained in the Bloontonium Lab. They enable the tower to pop all types of bloons, similar to the Monkey Intelligence Bureau influence.

I don't need to heat up my glaives before popping lead and frozen bloons? That's awesome! It's bedtime so I closed the light and drifted into sleep, when something was rattling outside.

What was that?
Sam Wang

Chapter 12 - Blessing of the Monkey God

Chapter 12

Suddenly, I was enveloped by a blinding white light. The light temporarily blinded me! then I heard a voice: "Do not fear, for you have been blessed by the monkey god!" The light and the voice then slowly faded...

The next morning, I wondered whether it was a dream. If it wasn't, what was this blessng...? "Justin, please don't go anywhere today, your life has been at stake so many times recently, and I can't risk losing you..." my mum said. "Ok. I promise I won't, mum." I replied. So I opened up my Encyclopedia of Monkeys and started reading random pages. But as I was flipping through the pages, I noticed one about an experimentel machine that could suck up and destroy bloons! Was it the one the destroyed that BFB yesterday? But the Encyclopedia of Monkeys didn't have any more information on it. It was getting late, so I closed my Encyclopedia of Monkeys and went to bed.

As I was lying down, I wondered about all these events that has happened recently. Why do bloons always seem to want to attack me? Why did a huge moab-class invading force destroy our school? Suddenly, I heard my window smash! I looked to see what happened and I came face to face with with a familiar looking monkey apprentice...


"Justin!" Katrina jumped in through the broken window, smiling. She was always a very happy girl. Katrina was my good friend. I met her when I was quite young, when a lead balloon attacked me before I learnt how to heat up my boomerangs. She had popped the lead layer and we both had finished it off.

"What are you doing here!?" I asked her. Her smile dropped.

"I came to ask you somehing. I had a dream last night that I was blessed by the Monkey God, and it told me that you were, too. What is this blessing, do you know?"

"No, I don't know either …" Suddenly, something thumped us on the head and knocked us out.

When we came to, we were in … Mount Magma?!?!
Exploding Banana

Chapter 13 - A Magical Hat

Chapter 13

It appears to be a small volcano, reasonably big, but not big compared to one I saw before. Suddenly, Katrina made a magic bolt towards the center.

"Katrina, what a heck are you doing? Feeling crazy?" I yawned.

Suddenly, I heard a pop.

"Camo bloons?" I threw a boomerang at it, even though I can't see it. I heard another pop.

"I've heard that you have a turbo charge ability, so why don't you put this hat on? This hat is somewhat magical. You can see camo bloons with it."

I put it on my head. Some pesky camo lead bloons appeared in front of me. I was just about to struggle with popping them, but then I remembered what I have read in the book, I've got bloontonium in my glaives, which pop everything! I threw a glaive at it, and it popped it like magic.

Unfortunately, ability hasn't yet recharge, so I was struggling a bit to start off with. The bionic arm had been much more comfortable recently, and it doesn't seem to even get tired! I seem to be able to throw them at a much faster rate. They are popped within seconds!

How can a hat be so magical? I couldn't wait to go home, and search for it on bloons wiki and my Encyclopedia of Monkeys book. But how to go home?

I struggled around the place, and I found myself wandering into the shortcut. This time, a few MOABs were waiting. Is death going to arise?
Sam Wang

Chapter 14 - Apache Glaveship

Chapter 14

I took off the hat from my head and ran to my home. The MOABs were quickly coming behind me, and when they came near me they got destroyed with a flash! What's this thing that auto-destroyed them?

I entered my home. I saw my mother with a strange thing in her hands. Was it the thing that destroyed those MOABs? I asked my mother, and she replied with a "Yes". I asked her what it was, and she replied, "To keep you out of danger, I got this. I went up to some elite monkeys and they built this strange device for me." I opened my encyclopedia and searched first for the hat. I found that it was a magical hat that Monkey Apprentices wear, although I just skimmed through the rest of the information. Then, I searched for a picture of the machine:

The Apache Dartship shoots deadly missiles and darts as well as its four darts. Along with camo detection, it is also very deadly.

Just as I told my mother the information, we heard some bloons. I ran to Main Street and saw some Camo Regen Ceramics! Just then I saw a strange object in the air.

It was the Apache Dartship.

With its deadly missiles, the bloons were no match and were quickly popped. Landing down, it detected more regen signals. This time they were over 100 grouped ones! The heli once again popped them, then I ran home. The heli followed me in. I saw a ZOMG, four BFBs and sixteen MOABs entering my home. I gave the heli my glaive, and it shot FOUR glaives! The blimps were destroyed, and then the heli shot FIVE glavives! The heli gave back my glaive. I slept as it was night, and when I woke up the heli was still there! My mother gave the Apache Dartship to the heli, and the Heli modified it! Then once again I heard bloons. I got out and located the place. It was the volcano I saw before, a big volcano. Mount Magma. I saw all types of normal bloons. How to pop these? Then I remembered the Apache Dartship. I took it and shot missiles at them. The pesky blacks and zebras were not getting popped so I took out my bionic arm that I hadn't used in a while. They were immediately popped! I was running home but then I found MOABs blocked the way. Is doom going to come for the city?
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