Seargent Monkey here, the new manager of the wiki's weekly news, and this will be the first since December 30, 2013. The local weather here in Pineapplefort is a calm 75 degrees and sunny, and in Peanutville it's a scorching 146 degrees.

Bloons Universe

The new christmas update for Bloons TD Battles is out! Enjoy your free dart monkey skin and battle in the two new arenas, North Pole and Winter Wonderland. Hurry up and grab the Boomerang skin and also some quick medallions, as the x2 medallions sale is on! Be sure to grab the Juggerlanche card is you haven't already.

The Bloonvasion is active once again and also, the totem event has returned.

Fight Vortex in Bloons Monkey City, and the Contested Territory Milestones event is back on. MORE ROUNDS PASSED, MORE REWARDS!


Here are the previous poll results:

What is your favorite BMC terrain?

Grass 564

Forest 70

Heavy Forest 19

Jungle 32 

Hills 27 

Mountains 31 

Volcano 69 

Snow 38

Lake 63

Desert 39

River 92

The winner was Grass with 564 votes.

Seargent Monkey (talk) 18:04, December 10, 2017 (UTC)

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