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    I am starting a new poll, to see which BTD5 tower upgrades are the best. Credit goes to DragonFiire (blocked).

    Pineapple Division: Top 2 will advance to next round. Note that Artillery Battery has been removed from the original (since Mortar is in the original twice).

    Pineapple Division:
    Ray of Doom
    Technological Terror
    Super Wide Funnel

    Banana Division:
    Viral Frost
    Banana Research Facility
    The Big One
    First Strike Capability

    Dart Division:
    Apache Dartship
    MOAB Assassin
    Cripple MOAB

    Boomerang Division:
    Bloon Liquefier
    Spiked Mines
    Glaive Lord
    Summon Phoenix

    Bomb Division (Added so all towers can be represented):
    Aircraft Carrier
    Blade Maelstrom
    High Energy Beacon

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    Poll Results

    April 19, 2018 by 4hrue2kd83f

    Hydra Rocket Pods won with 15 votes. Triple Darts and MOAB Mauler tied second with 13, Robo Monkey 3rd with 11, and Balistic Missle 5th with 9.

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    Seargent Monkey here, the new manager of the wiki's weekly news, and this will be the first since December 30, 2013. The local weather here in Pineapplefort is a calm 75 degrees and sunny, and in Peanutville it's a scorching 146 degrees.

    The new christmas update for Bloons TD Battles is out! Enjoy your free dart monkey skin and battle in the two new arenas, North Pole and Winter Wonderland. Hurry up and grab the Boomerang skin and also some quick medallions, as the x2 medallions sale is on! Be sure to grab the Juggerlanche card is you haven't already.

    The Bloonvasion is active once again and also, the totem event has returned.

    Fight Vortex in Bloons Monkey City, and the Contested Territory Milestones event is back on. MORE ROUNDS PASSED, MORE…

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